Many of us are now adapting our normal routines and are staying at home to accommodate the new rules around self-isolation.  We’re staying indoors to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and even though we know it’s necessary, it can sometimes drive us a little stir crazy at times so if you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone!

I mean how many times have we said in the past, ‘If I just had a little time off, I could get on top of all those jobs,’ or, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have some time off work and just spend some time with the family.’  Well, be-careful what you wish for because those wishes have now come true and our life as we know it will remain this way for some time.  

As a result of the situation we find ourselves in, I’d like to share 7 healthy habits that you can adopt to prevent you from going stir crazy at home.  These habits are designed to help you feel more positive, motivated, energised and a little calmer too.

7 Healthy Habits 

  • Create a morning routine that works for you

Everyone’s routine will be different so find a routine that works for you. Take some time to relax before your day begins, perhaps go for a walk and/or exercise, take the time to eat breakfast and enjoy breakfast.  Use this time wisely and enjoy this time at home, remember you may never get this time again.

  • Stay active 

Build in some time for exercise whether that’s a walk, run and/or an online fitness class.  Staying physically active is a key part of looking after our mental health too.  Use the time to do something new or do something that makes you feel energised and motivated.  There are so many free online activities and classes available so get involved. You’ll feel so much better for doing so.

  • Stay Informed

Keep up to date with what’s happening at work and make a conscious effort to engage with colleagues as it will help you to stay up to date with developments and you’ll create a sense of community by reaching out to others.

Stay up to date with what’s happening in the news but, limit your exposure to the scaremongering social media posts.  What you feed your mind is key!

  • Stay Connected

Keeping in touch with loved ones, friends and colleagues is so important especially during times like this.  Take the time to pick up the phone and/or arrange a video call with a loved one, find out about new apps that can help you to stay in touch with others including; What’s App, House Party etc. They’re designed to help you stay connected and if you’ve never used them before don’t be put off, they’re easy to use (even I can use them), fun and great for catching up with those you love and cherish.  So have a go…!

  • Create a schedule for the day/week ahead

If you’re working at home, then it’s a good idea to create some sort of schedule especially if you’re having to home school as well.  This will help you to stay on track with your priorities and tasks and it helps achieve some kind of purpose for the day too.  

Getting organised is key to staying on top of it all.  Remember if you’re home schooling too you may need to think a little differently, perhaps you could split your working day and work 7am -10am and then again after school hours to make up the hours, choose something that’s going to work for you and that enables you to remain present and focussed on the task in hand.  However, if you have very young children then this may be harder to manage but, discuss this with your employer – where there’s a will there’s a way!

  • Take some time for you

Above all, take some time for you and carve out some time every day to do something you love whether that’s reading, exercising, cooking, baking or something else.  In doing this, you will be contributing to keeping yourself mentally active and well too.

Use this time to learn a new skill online, study an online learning course, learn a new language, learn sign language, learn to play a musical instrument – whatever tickles your fancy!

  • Take some time to relax & recharge

We are living in uncertain times and this can be a worrying time for many people so it’s critical to build some time in to relax and recharge. Our minds are busy absorbing all the information being circulated, our thoughts can jump from one thing to the next and we can be holding a lot of tension and tightness in our bodies without really knowing it.  So, take some time to sit in the garden and relax, practice yoga and/or Pilates or try meditation.  Any of these things can contribute to your improving your health and wellbeing and it’s times like this when we need to make a conscious effort to make that internal investment in our mind and body.

Personal Message

I hope you find these 7 healthy habits useful: I’m adopting all of them daily and I’m feeling much better as a result of doing so.  Try and practice as many of them as you can and as a special thank you, I’d like to gift you ‘10 Mindful Meditations’.  They’re free, easy to access and will help you take the time you need to ‘rest, relax and re-energise’.

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Stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Kelly x