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7 daily mindfulness practices

So many of us live such a fast-paced life, we lurch from one activity to the next, never really pausing to noticing what’s happening for us in that present moment. As we grow older, the days, weeks and m...


How to Strengthen Your Personal Resilience {Part 2} 

In Part 1 of ‘How to Strengthen Your Personal Resilience’, we looked at how change affects us. We explored what happens with our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours and we started to unders...


How to strengthen your personal resilience & why it matters! {Part 1}

The one thing we can absolutely count on throughout our lifetime is ‘change’. We change as individuals as we grow and throughout the different chapters of our lives, we change as a result of the exp...


How to take control, design a life you love, and start living the way ‘you’ choose.

Let’s face it, life is so fast paced these days and we often lurch from one activity to another trying to cram in as many things as we can to keep up with the demands placed upon us. We have so many diffe...


What I’ve learned in the last 3 year’s since the launch of AL

I can’t believe that it’s our 3 year anniversary at Aspirational Living. The years have flown by and it’s been quite a journey but, one I’m so pleased I embarked on. It’s been such an ...


9 Mindful Resolutions for 2019

Every year so many people make new year’s resolutions and every year so many of them get broken. As a coach and mindfulness teacher I’ve trained and learned that to truly live a life you love you need t...