Kelly is a qualified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher having trained with the British Meditation Institute. Kelly is also a qualified Personal Performance and Life Coach.



I can honestly say that I have never felt so inspired in my life as I have at one of Kelly’s events. Kelly is truly are amazing at what she does.
Natalie Doyle, Head of Year, Hartlepool.



Do you ever feel lost, stuck and/or overwhelmed? Or perhaps you’re struggling with health issues that can leave you feeling fatigued, depleted and suffering from pain? If so you’re not the only one!


Firstly, I’m a Mum to two kind, caring, funny, boisterous little boys, Tom & James and I love spending as much time as I can with these boys as they’re growing fast and I want to make as many memories as I can with them.  I’m also a wife to Richard, who I’m lucky enough to call my best friend, soul mate and partner in life – we’ve shared so much together.  He’s a teacher and I’m a Coach and Wellness Advocate and together we live a very busy but, enjoyable life together in our forever home which we’re currently renovating. 

Together we work hard but, play hard and as a family we love to be outdoors playing football in the garden or going for a walk at the beach or in the forest.  Our motto is to make the most out of every day together and we love travel, cooking, spending time with friends and family but, most of all we love taking time out.  Now and again we love to retreat from the rest of the world and relax, unwind and can be often found watching our latest Netflix obsession.  I have a real zest for life so I want to see and do as much as I can and for this I’ve been nicknamed the ‘Memory Maker’ by Richard because I’m always planning adventures and days out for us as a family, memories are important to me so I’m quite happy with my nickname!


Career wise, I’ve worked in the Education & Training sector for over 20 years and for the most part of my career I’ve managed and led successful teams within this sector.  I have specialised in people management, personal development and training and I’ve got a wealth of experience in this area.  I’m well qualified in this field too, I’m a lifelong learner so I’m always reading or upskilling.

I’m qualified in Personal Performance & Life Coaching and I’m a fully qualified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher too and I’m currently working towards a Masters in Strategic Management and I specialise in Organisational Development and Change in the workplace.   Some of my time is spent in the workplace working in this field and this is where I get to help to make a positive difference to workplace culture.  I have a real thirst for knowledge and I’m always updating my skills, knowledge and experience and this helps me to provide the most up to date, beneficial and life changing products and services that benefit my clients and employers.


Five years ago I began to feel overwhelmed and stuck in the life I was living and to top it off I started feeling very unwell.  I started to feel tired all the time, nauseous, I had aches and pains all over my body and everyday just felt like a hard slog!

For the next two years I struggled on, I visited the Doctors and after numerous tests, they couldn’t work out what it was so I continued to push through and then eventually I burnt out.  I took a few weeks off work, I know now I should have most definitely taken longer but, I didn’t and during this time I started soul searching.  I began reflecting on my life so far and started thinking about health and my mind-set and I took a step back and for once starting thinking about what I wanted and needed in my life to make me feel happy and healthy again.

I realised that for over 20 years I had forgotten to take care of me, I’d always been slim but, not strong (and definitely not toned) so I’d never had to worry about what I ate or drank and upon reflection I realised I’d always eaten unhealthily and I definitely wasn’t eating my 5 a day or drinking near as much water as I know I needed to feel hydrated.  So I set to work and over the last 5 years, I’ve started making adjustments to my lifestyle which has left me feeling healthier than ever before.  This is a journey and I’m always learning new things about how to have a healthy approach to body and mind.

I then started thinking about what I wanted out of life and already knew that I was passionate about helping others so I started training to become a Personal Performance & Life Coach. I loved every minute of the training and the journey I went on personally was life-changing, not only for me but, for my family too.  After two years I qualified and began working with clients immediately, there were so many others who too wanted to take a step back and start living a life they loved too and so I began helping them to make conscious decisions and supported them to feel empowered to make positive changes in their life too.

During this journey, I also found mindfulness and meditation and the ethos and principles around both of these practices helped me so much from a personal perspective.  I began to embed these practices into my daily life and could see the positive effects they were having on both my personal and working life.  I felt much calmer, more relaxed and I was able to respond to situations instead of react to them which was helping me to feel more in control of the way my life was being shaped and moulded (by me). 

My journey and relationship with coaching, mindfulness and meditation has been life-changing and as a result of this, I felt empowered to make changes to my life which led me to Aspirational Living.  Over the next two years I trained and became qualified as a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and now I work with clients to help them to move towards living a life they love and I share all my expertise, knowledge and experience with them.

I feel so lucky and so passionate about the work I do and I truly believe this is the gift I have been given.  This gift will help me to support others and to help guide and nurture them to move them from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered.



After qualifying in these areas I found that my knowledge was growing and I felt so inspired, so much so that I wanted to inspire others too.  So in 2015 Aspirational Living was launched and as part of this I launched this website too which shares tools, tips and strategies on how to become the best version of yourself.  I’d never blogged before or recorded videos so it was a little daunting but, I did it anyway!

I wanted to provide a website that was a go to place for others to find useful, inspiring and thought provoking material and in addition to this I set up a newsletter too so our subscribers could have these gems of wisdom and inspiring insights sent direct to their mailbox.

It’s been an adventure right from the beginning but, I’ve loved every minute of it and continue to do so.  Aspirational Living encourages others to ‘Aspire to Live,’ and it helps to empower others to take control of their life and design a life they love and start living it.

We’ve been lucky as our followers and subscribers have been so loyal and supportive from the beginning and for that I’m eternally grateful, so thank you to all of you for your continued support!


I’m of the opinion that investment can be made in a variety of ways but, at AL we see investment as being an inside job.  By making conscious decisions and living mindfully you can really make a difference to your health and well-being and can go onto live a life you love.

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  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson
  • Claire Harker
    Claire Harker
  • Gemma Llwellyn
    Gemma Llwellyn
  • Kelly is amazing and very easy to listen to, the event I attended was 3.5 hours long and I was engaged the whole time.  Kelly explains things and breaks them down in a way that some many people can relate to and this is a real skill in itself.  I’ll definitely be booking another event with Kelly, I feel inspired as a result of attending her sessions and I’d like to access the coaching too, such a great afternoon! Sam Wilson, Entrepreneur

  • Kelly delivered the event brilliantly course and is such a fantastic presenter. Everything she said made perfect sense and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with like-minded people. Claire Harker, Teacher

  • I was a little apprehensive about attending one of these events as its something I've never attended before, however I was pleasantly surprised that the techniques and strategies Kelly shared with us at the event were user friendly and something that could be applied in everyday life. The event really helped me to gain confidence and move forward with my life in the direction that I chose to.