For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the travel bug. Although I’ve travelled to so many countries, there are many more places I’d like to visit.

I’ve always had my sights set on visiting places in the UK as well as those further afield like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. When I was younger, a few of my friends decided to go travelling around the world, but at the time I had a very secure job and I was enjoying where I was in life at that point. Looking back, I do wish I’d gone, and since then, I feel as though I’ve always had the bug.

Richard is quite a home bird and it’s always been my idea to travel with our family. However, he loves our trips and is always keen to travel too. Richard and I are compatible in so many ways, we have the same outlook and perspective on life and we have the same ideas about the way we bring up our boys. But on the other hand, we are very different. I’m the ideas person and the one who makes all the suggestions about what we do as a family. Richard is the one who makes it happen. He plans our itineraries, books our accomodation and flights and makes sure we get the best deals for when we do travel – for that I’m eternally grateful.

Why travel has become more of a priority

Next year we’re turning 40, so it’s our intention to travel as much as we can and we’ve made a pact to spend as little as we can so that we can save for those trips. Since my Dad passed, we’ve become even more determined to spend time with loved ones and to make the most of the life we’ve been gifted. Having a beautiful family home has always been on the agenda too and we moved into our forever home over 3 years ago. We’ve spent the last few years renovating it and it’s been a real labour of love. We’re blessed to call it our home and now it’s nearly done, we’ve decided to make travel our priority.

How we spent less and saved money

When we got back from the United States we made plans to cut back on anything that wasn’t a priority in our lives. This included; the gardening services we bought in, the lunches we were buying at work, the additional food shops and take aways, new clothes and eating out.

How cutting back enhanced our lives

We could see very quickly how adapting our spending habits meant that the pennies starting rolling in and once they did, I was hooked. We started having days out to the countryside and visited other free places. We took picnics everywhere and we loved it. Our time together became more focused on relationships and the experience became more enriching. It was really enlightening and it almost felt like an awakening to the way life could be lived – the simple way!

It felt as though we’d already started on the minimalistic journey and once we started we couldn’t stop. I felt like a complete hoarder and I soon got the bug for decluttering on a big scale. I realised the boys in particular had so much stuff and they didn’t play with any of it, so we either sold it or gave it away.

Very quickly we started to see results and soon the additional savings started to roll in. It was then that we set up our travel savings account. This was specifically designed to be spent on travel and we used it for weekends away and we put it towards our long haul savings too.

This year we’ve been on a few weekends away and we’ve also spent time in Suffolk and Edinburgh. We’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to the United States too and visited Orlando and Miami. Some of our US trip was kindly gifted to us by Richard’s parents, as they’ve always wanted to take us all as a family (we’re very grateful for this). We’ve still got four months of 2018 to go, so we’re planning on visiting Edinburgh for the Christmas market and we’ve got a trip to Lapland booked too!

A Look At The Year Ahead

2019 is going to be another year of travel too. So far, we’ve got trips planned to France and Mallorca, and we’re planning a three-week road trip to Italy too. I’d also like to go to Deershed Festival with the kids, so we might plan that as well!

Life feels so good at the moment. I’m really excited by the prospect of travelling more and growing the Aspirational Living community further too. I plan on delivering more mindfulness courses and events and I’ve got plenty more up my sleeve. After all, you only get one life, so be sure to make the most of it!


Kelly x