This week we headed to Norfolk with Richard, his parents, and his sister and her partner. We were lucky enough to have lovely weather all week . We visited some of the local beaches, ate fish and chips, had a barbecue and just spend the week hanging out eating good food and sampling some of the local delights . We stayed in the loveliest farmhouse and we booked it via Skye Cottages.

We visited Mundesley beach where we played rounders, buried the boys in sand and then headed to Roxham for fish & chips, we had such a great day. Richard’s parents are in their late sixties and are always up for everything we do, they love to get involved and create such wonderful memories for the boys as a result of it. Last year they were zip lining through the forest at Alligator world in Florida and that’s how we spent Richard’s mums 65th birthday, it always makes me think that’s how I’d like to be in my sixties {god willing}.

My favourite part of this day was when I decided to surprise the boys by running into the sea in my knickers & bra (as I forgot my bikini). You know what they say, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

We also spent the day in the sunny Cromer, it was beautiful. We played on the beach all day, went crabbing which the boys loved and we even caught some crabs, fish and shrimps. James wanted to take the crabs home to eat but we were not keen so we persuaded him to put them back.




We had a wonderful holiday and we finished off with an overnight stay in Sufflok and stayed with my best friend Kelly and her family which is always lovely. We’ve known each other for 30 years now so it’s always so low maintenance, no drama and plenty of laughter, fun and games with the kids. A perfect end to a perfect week!

The only downside was that Rolo wakes me up every morning around 6.30am to be fed and to go out so I was up with the larks every single day {argghh} – the joys of having a pup! I still wouldn’t swap him though.

The good side of getting up is that I get to see the best of the day and I get to have a morning cuppa in peace, its just me and the pup before everyone else awakes. Theres something to be said for having a little ‘me time’ on holiday and I always try to steal a little time for this as and when I can so that when I resume back to normal everyday life I’m feeling refreshed, relaxed and restored.

This is our last summer holiday of the year so although I’m feeling a little sad it’s over I’m glad it’s happened. We’ve created more memories to last a lifetime. Back to school Monday and we’re back to work too so normal life will resume.