Here are my six ways for you to experience a more mindful holiday.

  1. Build in time to relax
    Holidays are such an enriching experience but they can be pretty full on if you let them. I always build in down-time for me to relax, indulge in the silence and to appreciate what’s going on around me. Sometimes, I choose to sleep or rest and other times I choose to read or go for a swim (alone), whatever takes your fancy. Holidays are a time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries, so make sure you build in time for this, self care is important.

    holiday relaxation

  2. Tune into what’s going on for you right now
    We all live such busy lives and sometimes we never stop until 10.30pm at night, when we just crash and go to sleep. Living in this way doesn’t allow us the time to really focus on what’s going on in our bodies or what’s taking up headspace. Holidays are the perfect time to really tune into what’s going on for you. During times like this, I realise how busy I’ve been and how neglectful I’ve been of my body and mind. When we pause and relax, we tune into any areas of discomfort or pain and give ourselves permission to identify any areas of concern or worries we may be experiencing.

    holiday relax

  3. Eat and sleep well
    Holidays are the perfect time to make conscious choices about the food we eat. I love tasting the local delights on holiday and we always eat really well. Depending on where you go on holiday, the food available to you will vary, but my advice is to try new things and eat well. Sleep is vital on holiday, especially if you’ve got a busy trip planned, so make sure you get the sleep you need.

    holiday food

  4. Disconnect
    Take some time out for you to rest, relax and disconnect from technology as often as you can. On holiday I don’t spend a lot of time on social media and there are days and weeks that go by when I don’t scroll and it feels so refreshing. I limit my time on emails and usually carve out time every few days to spend half an hour if I need to, to just catch up on things. This is a choice of mine and sometimes I like scrolling but, I never do this on days out, it’s only usually when the boys are on technology I do this.

    holiday disconnect

  5. Connect with loved ones
    This is the most important one for me as I really look forward to spending time with loved ones. Daily life has been so busy lately so I look forward to engaging and living in the present moment with the boys and to also spend quality time with Richard. I enjoy making memories with my family and to do this it’s important to be present and enjoy the moments with them. It’s the simplest things that become the most previous memories I’ve found.

    holiday family

  6. Take stock of where you are now and where you want to be
    When I experience down-time it’s when I’m at my most creative and it’s when I can take stock of where I am headed in my life. I use the time to reflect on my work-life balance, I think about what I’d like to do in the next few months, sometimes even years and I’m usually thinking a little about what other adventures I’d like to go on too. Some people may choose not to do this one, that’s entirely up to you, but reflection is a huge part of mindfulness and it’s helped me to move forward in my life in ways I never imagined (all good of course).

Living mindfully has changed the way I live and I’m eternally grateful for this, I now live much more consciously and adopt a simple approach to life and holidays in particular. Life is good but, it’s even better when you’re holidaying with loved ones.

Have a lovely summer, and I hope you find ways to have a mindful holiday too!

Kelly x