It’s at this time of the year when everyone’s talking about holidays – where they’re going and how excited they are to just wind down and indulge in some family time.

Richard and I have a once in a lifetime holiday to look forward to this year with our brood and we’ve been so excited for the time to come for us to board that plane and leave our adult responsibilities at home. You know the kind of responsibilities I mean; housework, house renovations, work, bills and the day-to-day admin of life.

On holiday everything seems much more relaxed and it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with both your family and yourself. We know only too well that during daily life we can often be so distracted by the endless jobs we’ve got to do that we forget the importance of just kicking back, reconnecting with ourselves and really focusing on living in the present moment.

This summer we’re off to Florida for two weeks to enjoy our first experience of Disneyland and then we’re off on a road trip to Miami (to say we’re excited is an understatement).  I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip and I’m excited to have our boys with us so they can experience it too. We haven’t booked anything for this part of the journey – we are usually so organised beforehand with our travel plans but we do like to experience a sense of freedom too.  We like the excitement of not knowing where we’ll stay and we’re looking forward to just going where ever we fancy on our road trip to Miami.

Both in the run up to our family holiday and during it we’re always super chilled and nothing seems to get on top of us. We always have stress free holidays and believe me, we’ve had a few moments where stress could have featured highly, but it didn’t. We remained calm, relaxed and just enjoyed the experience of being together as a family.

Here are my 5 top tips for a stress-free holiday;

  1. Pack light
    So many people take so much stuff on holiday and in my experience, I don’t end up wearing half of it. A few years ago, I decided to take a ‘light touch’ approach and it’s worked ever since. We only take what we need and we never over-pack. For this holiday, we’ve been told that Florida is very casual, so I’ve only packed 2 dressy outfits in case we go out for a nice meal while we’re there. I’ve packed about 10-12 outfits and I haven’t overdone it on the toiletries either. I have some ‘must-haves’, but that’s about it. Richard and the boys take the same approach too. This really lightens the load and makes the packing process much less stressful. 
  2. Plan your travel itinerary
    I’m very lucky when it comes to this, as my husband is super keen on having everything in place before we go. He’s sorted travel insurance, visa, checked passport expiry dates, planned a daily timetable for the parks, booked hire car and collected all important documentation in one place, so it’s easy to find. Touch wood, things work like clockwork for us so planning is key! 
  3. Entertaining kids during the journey
    Make sure you’ve packed lots of snacks, a couple of books or word searches (our boys like them) and take an electronic device, which is a great source of entertainment. 
  4. Upon arrival
    Whatever the accommodation, make the most of it. We’ve stayed in some really great accommodation but we’ve also stayed in some crappy places too. As long as it’s clean and tidy, we just make the best of it.  Remember: it’s just a base for you to go and explore. 
  5. Make the most of everyday
    Practise gratitude every day. This is engrained into my family and we truly make the most of every day. We feel lucky to be able to travel and grateful to enjoy the experience with loved ones.

Family holidays are stress free for us and we make the most of every single day, we really amerce ourselves in the culture and soak up the experience and we urge you to do the same too!

Happy Holidays,

Kelly x