For a long while I’ve wanted to have a detox month, a month where I cut out refined sugar, caffeine and bread so I can enable my body to rid itself of any toxins that may exist.  There are so many benefits to detoxing as it can enable your organs to rest through eating clean foods, it can stimulate the liver to drive toxins from the body and it has a whole range of other benefits.  I’ll be sharing with you through this journey the benefits I have experienced first hand.

So on 1st November I embarked upon my first ever detox, it’s a journey I’ve never encountered before but, as part of this journey I wanted to access in some treatments and therapies to encourage detoxification from the inside out.  I will start by saying I’m not a nutritionist or healthcare professional I’m just someone who wants to start making sustainable positive changes to their lifestyle and eating and I’m willing to try new things to see if these things really work.

I will be sharing my own personal views, my experiences, feelings and thoughts so far and today I wanted to share with you my experience of having colon hydrotherapy.  Don’t worry I won’t share too much of the gory details but, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while

As part of  detox month I decided to kick start my body and after much research decided to  is a completely natural treatment that is enjoyed by thousands of people every day, from celebrities and film stars to ordinary people of all ages, from all walks of life. It may seem a little strange at first, but the more you learn about the treatment and its many benefits, the more you’ll see that it is a very normal and natural way to take care of your health and wellbeing.

I hadn’t fully appreciated the work of the digestive system and wanted to learn more. I was also eager to find an accredited, qualified and approved professional to carry out this treatment and luckily found one relatively local to me.

The treatment

Upon arrival of my appointment I was made to feel very welcome and Andrea, the lady carrying out the treatment was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. Andrea explained the procedure and explained that I’d need to undress (bottom half only) and lie on the bed where she insert a small tube inside (that’s the intimate details over with. Warm filtered water is then inserted through the tube introduced into your colon

It’s a strange sensation in your stomach, not an unpleasant one just strange, as the warm water enters, you’ll feel a fullness as your colon fills up, then a relaxing feeling as it empties. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled and all waste is drained away discreetly in a closed system with absolutely no mess or odours.  I wasn’t sure how this worked but, it’s actually very discrete and it doesn’t hurt at all.

Actually psychologically it’s great because you know your colon is getting cleaned and your body is getting rid of all of the toxins.  This is then repeated several times until the water runs clearer and after approximately 45 minutes your treat is over.  You then make your way to the loo for any residue to come out, disgusting I know but, necessary!

The role of your digestive system

Whilst undergoing the treatment we chatted about the digestive system and the benefits of having this treatment.  Andrea explained that our human digestive system is over twenty feet long, end to end and that it’s role is to convert the food we eat into the nutrition our body needs before eliminating left over waste.  The primary role of the stomach and small intestine is to break down and absorb nutrition from your food. This is done through mechanical and chemical processes, including chewing and churning, and the release of acids and enzymes. By the time the mixture leaves the small intestine, your body has absorbed 95% of the available nutrients.

The role of the colon is to absorb water and nutrients from what’s left as it passes through. The colon also works to make this waste safe by neutralising the digestive acids and enzymes, so that it can pass out of your body without causing any damage.

It usually takes your body 24 hours to process your food and it’s normal to have bowel movement at least once a day.  I knew my bowels weren’t working as effectively as they should be because of the diet I was eating. I wasn’t eating 5 a day and I wasn’t drinking enough water to help my digestive body rid my body of the toxins.

There are numerous factors that can affect your digestive system including poor diet, infections, lack of exercise, irregular eating and so much more and this can cause bloating, gas or other digestive problems.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a great way to encourage your colon to work normally again, while your therapist encourages you to reconnect with your body and make the changes you need to avoid future problems.  Not eating regularly or eating a poor diet can have physical effects on your body but, it can also cause problems with your cognitive thinking abilities.

After the treatment

Once the treatment is finished and you’re happy to leave the bathroom, you’re free to leave and can continue with the rest of your day or evening.  After the treatment Andrea and I had a chat about the contents of what came out and she can advise if you need to top up on any vitamins or minerals and she will provide some guidance on how to eat better to encourage regular movements in your bowels.

So I’m pleased to say the treatment was a success and in order to continue to encourage my digestive system to work properly I’ve booked two further sessions in with Andrea.  One every month for the next two months then after that I’ll go every 6-12 months.

This has helped provide me with the kick start I needed and psychologically I feel better and coupled with my 30 days of healthier eating and drinking more water as part of the detox, my skin, hair and body feels a whole lot healthier!

(Image by Timothy Lamm)