10 inspiring, relaxing and insightful meditations designed to help you to relax and recharge.

These meditations incorporate mindfulness tools and techniques to help you connect with your mind, body and breath.  They will help you to rid yourself of unwanted thoughts, find ways to relax and help you feel restored, re-energised and ready to live your best life.

Mindfulness and meditation helped me to take control of my life, to manage my thoughts and emotions which helped me to adopt new positive habits which in turn benefitted not only me but, those around me to.  Would you like to do this?! If so, we encourage you to,

Take Control, Design a Life You Love & Invest in You!

Track List:

  1. Full Body Scan Meditation
  2. Breath Awareness Meditation
  3. Short Body Scan Meditation
  4. Self Compassion & Kindness Meditation
  5. Short Calming Meditation
  6. Unwind & Destress Meditation
  7. Releasing Unwanted Thoughts & Moving Into Positivity
  8. Anxiety & Stress Meditation
  9. Relaxation/Sleep Meditation
  10. Visualisation Meditation