I’ve always struggled with the balance between the simple life and the finer things in life. I enjoy the simplicity of spending time with my family, the countryside, the beach, going for walks and adventures. I love nature, learning, white space (quiet time), and meditation amongst many other things.

On the other hand, there’s a part of me that loves the finer things in life too. I like to buy nice clothes every now and then, though I love good value, so I try to find great deals in the sales. I also think it’s important to buy from ethical brands, which can be more expensive. I love travelling with our boys and want to do a lot more of this, but we don’t often stay in expensive accommodation. As long as it’s clean and got a good rating on Trip Advisor (our trusty friend), then we’re good to go! I also have a real passion for interior design and we’re currently renovating our home, so that provides me with the perfect excuse to browse the internet, Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration for my purchases.

However, since the launch of Aspirational Living and since I started blogging in 2015, I started reflecting on my brand. Marketing consultants asked questions like, ‘What do you want to stand for?’ and ‘What do you believe in as an individual?’ and ‘Who is your target market?’. These were pretty thought-provoking questions and knocked me sideways a little, but over time I started challenging my thoughts and digging deep.

I often wondered if I had a conflict of interest and whether I could like both the finer things in life and live a simple life too. After careful consideration and a crisis of identify along the way, I realised I could have a foot in both camps, because if I’m staying true to who I am, I do like both aspects of life.

I’m now at peace with this and feel happy that day-to-day I do live a pretty simple life. I love my work, my business and hanging out with my family. I live a life full of purpose and passion and I make intentional decisions about every aspect of my life. Who I hang out with, how I manage my thoughts, the direction of my life – everything! In addition to this, I do treat myself to the finer things in life (as and when I can) and I always buy things that are either useful or beautiful for both myself, the family and our home.

So if you’re ever worried about what it is you stand for, especially in this world of social media, then don’t ponder for too long, just go with your gut and you won’t go far wrong.

Kelly x