As part of my 30 day cleanse I wanted to engage in treatments and therapies that would help improve my levels of well-being and health.  I have already experienced Reiki before and I found the benefits to be endless.  During the 30 day cleanse I enjoyed a Reiki treatment with Sue Westwood from Equilibrium and she shared her thoughts about the benefits of Reiki.

Why choose Reiki?

Reiki energy is a high vibrational energy that heals and balances the human body & mind.  It is based on ancient Japanese healing philosophies. How does it work? High vibrational energy is all around us, yet life and its challenges create a dense energy, this supresses this beautiful high frequency energy, which is so beneficial to our bodies and Reiki has no known side affects.

Reiki flows to areas of the mind & body that are blocked with dense energy.  Dense energy is accumulated by stress, illness, disease, trauma and general life challenges, which in turn can block the natural flow of high vibrational energy within the body. Reiki energy releases and heals allowing the body to become somewhere near balanced, or in an equilibrium state.  Reiki is beneficial to negative thinking, anxiety and depression.  It is amazing at helping with chronic pain and assisting, like a tool, to help you manage disease and illness.

I will give you an example of how it worked for me. I first experienced Reiki during a difficult time in my life.  It helped me look and think so much differently at the challenges I was facing.  Not only did it heal and release dense energy that had accumulated, it gave me, over time, a life long tool in dealing with so many difficulties that life, sometimes can through at you.  For this I am forever grateful.

Once you experience Reiki you will wonder how you managed without it.  Reiki is none-invasive.  You can receive Reiki by lying on a couch or sitting in a chair.  The feeling of total relaxation, bliss and amazing sensation are just some of the words my clients have used to describe the experience.

Reiki offers the mind & body a chance to restore, and most importantly it helps you understand the connection to your body and mind in a way that is so simple, yet very effective.  It can create a greater understanding of how the body and mind are so powerful and how you can maintain balance, even in the eye of any storm, life often sends our way.

Sue says, ‘If we listen to our bodies we are certainly on the right path of happiness and wellbeing. My passion is my job, my job is to help and heal.  I have the proof it works as I live it every day and you can reap these benefits too!’

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I have personally benefited from Reiki and even after these 30 days I am going to make sure I continue to access these treatments monthly.