For years now I’ve use social media as a platform to share blogs, stories and personal development insights. It’s been a great way to help share my mindfulness, meditation and coaching insights however, in the last six months I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with social media for two main reasons.

The first reason is I feel that when I’m on social media I drift from one platform to another, one account to another and before I realise, I’ve been surfing the net for an hour or more in some cases. I know I’m not alone when I say this, however this habit has started to really irritate me and afterwards I feel guilty or full of regrets that I’ve wasted time doing absolutely nothing. Does anyone else feel like this?!

What research tells us?

Research shows that 78% of people in 2018 now have smartphones compared to 17% of people in 2008. So in ten years there’s been a 61% increase in people accessing the internet and social media. The Telegraph shares research conducted by Ofcom which shows that the average person spends over 24 hours a week on line, 24 hours ~ how scary is this?! That’s 5 full days spent online every month, that’s 120 hours!

These statistics shocked even me and this just adds to my theory about the time we spend online and that’s why I’m adamant I reduce my usage. I know I don’t use as much as the research states but clearly some people do and this research has just reinforced the importance of me not spending endless amount of hours surfing through social media.

I firmly believe that no human will ever get to the end of their life and wish they spent more time online. Do you?!

These second reason I’m falling out of love with social media is because as much as I love social media for the inspiration and pretty pictures, I also find it’s a little superficial as some of the images that I see are a little staged and artificial. It’s interesting because I follow these pretty accounts for this very reason but, at times I find it irritating too {see I told you, it’s a love-hate relationship}. I personally always try to make sure that my images are real and not too staged but, I must admit some of the house images I use can be. I mean who actually wants to see all my clutter and kids toys?! Not me, and some of the photos on the website are taken from a photo shoot I had a little while ago.

When I started my business I was told to have some professional images taken as the images on my website needed to be of a good quality. I fully agreed and loved having these shoots done but, I know that I’m wearing make up and my hair is styled. It’s important to have a balanced approach I think when sharing on social media.

The truth of the matter is that we are drawn to pretty pictures. Research shows that those with the high quality images and picture-perfect home images are the accounts we’re drawn to, I mean just look at Pinterest – that’s what it’s all about.

Whilst away on holiday at Easter I’ve vowed to take a balanced approach to social media and my relationship with my smart phone and I’m committing to no more than one hour per day. Even that’s probably too much but, it allows me to post articles and insights, check emails and keep up to date with friends accounts. I’m happy with that balance as it leaves plenty of time for the most important things in life.

So I leave you with this question ~ Have you ever monitored your smart phone usage? I think if you did you may be surprised at your usage time. Try one of the apps that monitor your time and then make a decision for yourself. Are you happy with your usage or would you like to reduce it too?!

Best wishes,

Kelly x