Preparing to go back to school and work can be tough after the Christmas break because we’ve been so used to the late lie ins, long lazy days and not having to stick to any kind of routine or schedule if we don’t want to.

Our days have been filled with playing games, going for long walks, visiting family and friends, overindulging on both wine and delicious food and this year we’ve even joined in with the Gin drinkers and become a lover of this tipple. So much so that more often than not it’s been our bedtime tipple whilst watching back to back episodes of our favourite series (in bed).  These times have been so precious when the boys are in bed and the house is peaceful and quiet.

The Christmas break is always so magical and full of tradition and overindulgence but, with one day to go it’s time to get focused and start preparing for school, work and our day to day routine.

So in order to do this I focus on the following things; homework prep, work emails and planning, meal planner and the week ahead. Two days before we return back to school I make sure the house has been dusted and hoovered and that all the washing and ironing is done, this helps to clear my mind. I also make sure all bedding is washed and back on beds too and all the Christmas clutter and additional toys have been sorted and stored and that the  bags for charity and car boot are at the ready. I always do this every year, over the Christmas period we accumulate so many more toys and gifts so I encourage the boys to sort through what they don’t want and we bag these up. This enables me to feel in control of the house and the car boot pile is in a spare room waiting for me to sort through when I have time later in the month, this when will then be ready for the February car boot sale. I find doing a car boot in January is pointless as everyone is broke and waiting for payday and everyone has enough ‘stuff’ anyway from Christmas so February or even March has always proved to be fruitful in the past. By doing this I’m also planning for the future too and got one eye on my plans to declutter our house further.

Then I turn my attention to the boys school bags and their homework and after they’ve had their last shift on technology (to their disappointment) we sit down to work through this. It’s a shock to the system even for them but, it’s important for them to get back into flow too. We work through this and read any reading books or spellings they’ve got and then we encourage them to spend an hour or so on their online mathematics platform, Mathletics. This engages them in learning so they’re ready to go back to school tomorrow, well as ready as they’ll ever be.

In the few days before this we’ve tried to get the boys back into their bedtime routine too, early to bed and early to rise and this seems to be working better too. This goes for us too, I have been going to bed at 10.30pm/11pm latest and waking at 7.30am so I too will feel ready for when that alarm sounds on our first day back.

The day before we go back to work I start planning mealtimes too and I’ve written the weekly planner of what we’re going to eat this week. I’ve also been batch cooking and this morning I’ve made some homemade vegetable soup so we can take this to work too, this will help us with our healthy eating too. We’re more determined this year to start eating healthier food and I want to ensure we all get our 5 a day so we’re all fighting fit.

This afternoon will be spent with family I’ll be cooking Sunday lunch, eating and spending time together to celebrate the last day of the Christmas and New Year break. This always feels so special and it’s something I cherish, the whole family come over and we spend time together, reflect on the festive period and the boys love it and so do we.

Lastly, once all of our guests have left,  we start thinking about our bedtime routine. We get the uniforms and our clothes out for the next day to make it easier everyone, pack their bags and ours, make pack lunches for us all (apart from James) and then bath the boys and read stories with them. Before we put them to bed we spend a few moments to thinking about what our Christmas break has entailed and what special memories we’ve made. We encourage them to think about what they’ve enjoyed and what their favourite parts of the break was, gratitude and reflection is something that’s hugely important to Richard and me.

Then once they’re in bed asleep we take the time to relax ourselves and turn the lights off early ready for the next day ahead.

As a coach you may think to yourself why do I write about the topics I do; family life, decluttering and getting ready for the ‘back to work/school routine’ amongst other topics. The reason I write about these topics is that I know first hand how many things there are to do for parents. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed or fatigued and sometimes we can feel all 3 of these things. So being organised and in control of your own life can hugely make a difference in the way you feel about life.

By being in control and being conscious of the decisions you make in life it can leave you feeling more energetic, excited about the future and this encourages you to take further action. All of our blog posts are encouraging you to live openly, fully and consciously and what we want most for you all is for you to join us at Aspirational Living to ‘Take control, design your life and invest in you!’

Afterall, you only live once and once is enough if you do it right the first time. It’s never too late to make positive shifts in your life.