Growing up we spent our summers travelling around Europe in our family caravan. It was nothing flash, but it felt like home for 3 weeks of every year. We visited so many countries, we experienced different cultures and we loved every minute of being with each other. Exploring new places, new cuisine and trying out new things was just an amazing thing to do as a family and I look back on those days with very fond memories.

Those memories have stayed with me throughout childhood and into adulthood and I hoped that one day I would get the opportunity to experience something similar with my own family. So in March 2020, when lockdown hit, we started thinking about what we’d like life to look like when ‘normality’ resumes, and in summary we decided on the following; 

  1. Work less, do more – Achieve a better work/life balance
  2. Travel lots – Both in the UK and abroad 
  3. Save and invest for our future – Cut unnecessary monthly expenses and invest our money wisely

So we worked out our incomings and outgoings and cut out what we could for now. We chatted about plans for work and decided to purchase a caravan which would help us to travel more, and get away more frequently for weekend breaks. 

Buying the caravan

Just a little over three weeks ago we decided to visit a few caravan sites and we saw a few we liked. We considered all the things we’d been told to look out for when viewing a caravan; 

  1. Make sure there is no damp or mould
  2. Consider the layout – fixed bed, bunk beds or two double beds
  3. Price and age 
  4. HP checks to ensure it wasn’t stolen {this happens alot apparently} 

After our checks we found the perfect one for us, a Lexon 2006 caravan with two fold down double beds, shower, toilet and kitchen area. I was in love and couldn’t wait to start renovating it.

We brought the caravan home and showed the boys and they loved it. Immediately we began work and cleaned it top to bottom, inside and out and decided on a kind of Scandi design. I wanted to keep it simple and clean with some homely accessories that would help to make it feel like home when we were travelling around.

Richard and I set to work, and once we had cleaned it all we began painting the caravan ceiling. We decided to paint it white to freshen things up. We also had to wire brush the oven hobs and when we did this the paint came off a little so we bought some black paint to cover this and it looked ‘good as new’. 

Once the hob and ceiling paint was dry, we paid a local carpet fitter to help us lay some spare carpet we had in the loft. The carpet was new but tricky for us to lay so we had some help, he was brilliant and we’d definitely use him again. 

During a trip to IKEA I made several purchases including; kitchen rail, utensils, throws to cover the chairs and other accessories and I couldn’t wait to get back to put them all in place. I bought large grey throws to cover the sofas and cushions and covers with a Scandi-type feel. I also bought some tea, coffee, sugar pots, a new kettle and some melamine plates and bowls from B&M and we even found some enamel cups online to match. Items listed below. 

This was a real labour of love and we have loved renovating it. This is a dream come true for us and I’m sure its going to give us a lot more freedom to travel. I’m hoping our weekends and time together is filled with many adventures and I’m sure we’ll make many memories along the way! 

Here are some before and after photos from the renovation work on the caravan:

Items in images: 
Kettle – Argos
Tea, sugar and coffee pots – Dunelm
Utensils, faux plants, throws, mats, cushions and cushion covers – IKEA