White space is something that I often talk about and as an Advanced Mindfulness and Meditation teacher it’s something that I incorporate into everyday life as it helps me to keep my levels of health and well-being levels topped up. 

Life in the 21st century is very fast paced, we have many roles to fulfil, we are being pulled in many different directions and at times it can feel like the work / life balance is out of kilter.  In addition to this, the workplace as we know it is constantly changing too and with the introduction of automation and new technological advances it can see hard to keep abreast of the changes.  It certainly feels as though there’s a never-ending stream of data and information that we’re expected to absorb, and this can at times get a little too much.

We’re all aware how much we’ve got to contend with both at work and at home; we’ve got families to care for, children to raise, houses to clean, renovation projects on the go and so much more, so it’s not surprising that it can all get a little too much for us at times.  Through the work I do I’m hearing more and more that people are struggling with all these demands and this is causing people to experience anxiety, low mood, depression, relationship breakdowns and many are now turning to practices like mindfulness to help them take back control of their life and get some order within it.

For some it’s because they’ve had enough of their current situation, for others they’ve been signposted to mindfulness from their employers and/or their GPs and for others it because they’ve finally made a decision that they no longer want to live life in this way.  There are so many practices and techniques that can help individuals when they’re feeling like this but, one of those solutions is mindfulness and meditation (M&M) because it teaches you a tools, strategies and techniques to help you maintain a sense of balance in your life.  M&M has taught me the importance of looking after my own health and well-being as it hugely benefitted not only me but, my family too and I can see the distance I’ve travelled with this as ‘looking after me,’ wasn’t something I did regularly prior to learning these techniques. 

As part of M&M it’s about getting the down time you need, the time to relax and recharge and the time to unwind.  This helps to maintain levels of health and wellbeing and it encourages you to connect mind and body.   The time I have alone is something I’ve nicknamed, ‘Whitespace,’ and for me it’s about getting the time to do the things that make you feel nourished and fulfilled.  It’s about taking time to unwind, relax and reenergise so that you can continue to work, raise a family and manage the demands of life – it’s a very proactive approach and one that I encourage you to adopt too.

So, consider what it is that nourishes you and what helps you to unwind? A good book, a long walk outdoors with nature, a soak in the bath – whatever it is, over the next week or so just build in some time for this activity and with a sense of curiousness (something we encourage you to do through mindfulness) just see how you feel afterwards.  If you feel better as a result of taking this time for you, then take a proactive approach to living life in this way and start building in regular bouts of whitespace for you.  I promise you, you’ll feel a whole lot better for doing so.

Best wishes,

Kelly x