Christmas traditions are something that’s unique to every family and everyone decides to create them in their own unique way. Some go all out and have as many as they can whilst others choose to just go with the flow and see what unfolds.

My parents were very laid back about Christmas and traditions and we often just ‘went with the flow,’ of Christmas and birthdays and as a child that worked for me. But, as I’ve grown up I can’t really remember what traditions we had in particular on days like Christmas Eve or Boxing Day and since I’ve become a parent myself I’ve wanted to create some traditions for my own family.

Our Christmas traditions start with the boys helping me decorate the house for Christmas and put the decorations on the tree and over the years their attention span on decorating the tree seems to get less but, nevertheless I enjoy their input.  In previous years once they’d decorated the tree I used to move their decorations from the tree and rearrange them when they’d gone to bed but, rearranging decorations is a thing of the past and now I take pride in the way they’ve decorated the tree.  I  now stand back and admire their decor and instead treasure these moments, I’ve learnt that life is far too short to worry about how the tree is decorated.

Another tradition of ours is to go to the local church for their Christmas Eve service, this is something we’ve done since the boys were born and I love it. Over the years the boys have taken part in the nativity play that the Vicar plays out with the children and they get to dress up and stand on stage. These are the precious moments and memories we have of the boys and we get to see so many familiar faces too. The church is so beautiful at night and it makes Christmas Eve feel all the more Christmassy!

Then on Christmas Eve the boys get a little gift from Father Christmas and this includes their Christmas pjs, some reindeer dust and some chocolates and then we leave a carrot and some milk for Rudolph and a cookie and/or mince pie and drink for Santa.   On the big day, Christmas Day we spend the day with family and we spend the day between our house, Richards parents and my sisters. We spend the day opening gifts, eating, drinking and most of all making memories with our families.   It’s always very relaxed and anything goes and I like the relaxed atmosphere, that’s what Christmas is about for us.

Between Christmas and New Year is a time for rest, relaxation and spending time with loved ones. We try to arrange as little as possible as we love just hanging out at home together and spending time playing games and indulging in more festive eating and drinking. During this time we always go to the pantomime with the boys grandparents and this has become a real tradition, we all get involved in this and have such a good time.

Then finally at New Year we spend the evening together with family and friends. We like staying at home on NYE and spending time together and over the last few years we’ve made a note of the goals and things we’d like to achieve in the coming year and each new year we review what we wrote for last year and spend time seeing if we’ve achieved it or not. It’s a bit of fun and really good for reflect on.

Traditions are what Christmas is all about for me, remembering good times and creating traditions that work for you and your family. Creating memories is so important as life passes by so quickly, it’s important to make the most of every year!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!