2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year already! At the beginning of this year I made plans to take my own business to a whole new level.  I have continued my training and worked hard to complete the final year of my Msc, I’ve still a little work to do but, it won’t be long.   This hasn’t been for the faint-hearted and it’s required hard work, dedication and commitment, especially on those dark wintery, cold evenings.

You’ll see from my previous blog I’ve experienced some difficulties in the early part of this year which pulled me out of shape a little but, I’m pleased to say I’ve turned a corner, and everything is looking up.  However, over recent weeks I’ve met up with friends whom I haven’t seen for a while and I’ve had the realisation that everyone’s lives can be so very different as different times. What I mean by that is that last week I caught up with a friend whom had been trying for a baby for a number of years and things just weren’t working out for her but, finally last week she received the news she’d been waiting for and she’s PREGNANT! How amazing is this?! I’m over the moon for them and they couldn’t’ be happier.

Then another friend’s elderly Dad took a turn for the worst so she’s had to rally round and make sure everything is in place for him, another friend’s Mum has sadly had to go in a care home as she’s too sick to look after herself and then a friend of mine has set up her own business so she’s on Cloud 9, which is amazing!  A friend of mine has a son who is autist and she’s really struggling with him, another colleague is experiencing some health issues and it’s really holding her back, friends have broken up from long term partners and they’re struggling with that too and a friend has just passed her Nursing Degree and secured her first role in the NHS and that’s brilliant news as she’s worked really hard for this.  There are so many other stories I can share with you but, there are too many, but, you can see how people’s lives are so different, some friend’s lives are headed in the right direction, whilst other’s lives have taken an unexpected detour but, in time I know they’ll be back on track.

Life is so fast paced, and we have so many roles to fulfil and satisfy and at times things can all get a little too much.  I’ve learned through my own personal experiences that it’s critical to be kind both to yourself and others and right when you think you can’t continue putting one foot in front of another it’s so important you do.  It’s important to, ‘Get up, dress up and keep moving forward,’ it doesn’t matter how slow you go just keep moving forward.  To take the first step in moving forward even if you don’t have the energy to do so, to be brave in the decisions you make, to step out of your comfort zone, to put yourself first now and again (it’s okay) and don’t ever think it’s selfish.  We all need a little ‘me time,’ now and again.

Finally, to be courageous enough to know that the difficult phase you’re experiencing right now won’t be forever. It’s just one chapter of your life, by being brave and courageous enough to keep on going you will one day wake up and look back at your life and realise that this one just one phase of your life. Difficulties are not always sent to break us, we can learn from them too, we can take strength from them and grow from them.

So I want to encourage you all to keep being kind to yourself and others, just because your life might be going well right now it doesn’t mean everyone is the same boat as you. They might just be the one struggling right now, they may need that helping hand and they may need some stability, support and strength from you so they can be brave enough to continue.

Let’s never let anyone suffer alone, life’s too hard as it is. Show kindness and compassion to all.

Best wishes,

Kelly x