Over the last 2 weeks the world as we know it has changed.

The commute to work no longer exists, the traffic is lighter, the streets are quieter and we walk 2 metres apart from one another. We shop only for essentials and working from home has it’s advantages for many but, challenges for others ?

We recognise the efforts of our NHS and other key workers ? who are all contributing to keeping this country safe and well. We come together as a community once a week to rattle our pots & pans and we celebrate and applaud those who are helping the sick. This creates a sense of togetherness and an immense feeling of gratitude and appreciation for others ❤?

This new way of living allows us to exercise ‘only’ once a day so we go for a walk, jog or run with loved ones and sometimes alone ❤ Alone time is nice, special even, especially when we’re in lockdown with others. It provides us with the headspace we need to gather our thoughts, it enables us to make sense of what’s going on and provides us with a sense of freedom ⭐ Freedom means more now than it ever did before. 

As we head outdoors our senses become heightened and we are suddenly more aware, more conscious than we ever were before ? Using our senses we begin to notice the little things, using our eyes we observe the changes in season ? we notice the spring flowers in bloom ⚘ we smell the freshly cut grass and are drawn to the beauty of the brightly coloured flowers ?⚘ We take the time to notice the care and attention that people have taken to prune and look after their gardens and this creates a feeling of appreciation. We notice things we never have before, now that we have the time to stop & stare ❤

We feel the warmth of the sun on our face and we notice the changes in weather, appreciating the sunshine like never before, and when it shines we acknowledge its radiance and warmth ? It creates a layer of gold upon the earth and one that makes us feel bright & cheery and in its absence we notice how different it feels. It can affect our mood and energy levels and we begin to observe this change within, noticing day by day the changes we feel in this unique situation. Changes we’ve never taken the time to notice before ❤ but, do now we have the time to stand & stare. 

We pass others in the street and smile or say hello, and in doing this we create a sense of connection and the feelings evoked are those of warmth, gratitude, uncertainty and contentment. A smile says a thousands words, it says, ‘We’re all in this together, thanks for crossing the street to allow me to pass and I hope you’re okay.’ We are now alert, awakened, conscious and aware of everything, now we have this time to stand & stare ?❤

We slowly begin to appreciate this time we’ve been given, as now and only now, do we have the time to consider our thoughts, our feelings and the perks & pitfalls of living in this way ❤

We consider the food we buy & more importantly the food we eat and we make the choice to eat our food more mindfully, knowing it’s not as easy to replenish. We spend time with loved ones, we eat family meals together and we engage in meaningful conversations. We take the time to consciously connect & interact with friends and family and this creates a sense of fulfilment and connection at a much deeper level than ever before ❤ 

We have time for fun, time for play, time for exercise & enjoyment. We have time to fill so we get creative and start thinking differently ⭐ We meal plan and prevent waste, children are home schooled and spend more time with their parents than ever before. Children begin to tune into their creativity and it’s amazing to see how creative they can actually be when given the chance ❤ We start thinking more consciously and start using to time to reflect on what life was like before and how this compares to now. 

Then our mind wanders to the future and we start asking ourselves what life will look and feel like when this is all over ❤ Will we all go back to normal or will it be the reset we’ve felt we’ve needed for some time?! Who knows, time will tell. 

We start planning for our future, weighing up our options, we start making conscious decisions about what we want our life to look like moving forward ❤ Now with our eyes widened at the prospect of somehow living differently, we begin to realise what’s important. This will be different from one person to the next and that’s completely fine too, each to their own, that’s the real beauty of it all ?❤

Over the coming days, weeks and months we’ll start a journey like no other and we’ll begin to lean inwardly and start understanding our needs, wants and aspirations at a much deeper level than we ever did before. We’ll continue to recognise the efforts of our key workers ? and we’ll never forget all they’ve done for us and we’ll continue to appreciate the little things because the little things mean the most. We’ll continue to practice gratitude for our health & happiness and we’ll pull those close to us even closer, whether that’s face to face or virtually. This time will go down in history and we’ll all be a part of that ❤?

So for now let’s remember what’s important to us; family & friends, key workers, food, shelter, connection, warmth and above all health & happiness ❤ we’ve never valued our health as much as we do right now and we pray that this continues ?

This is a time we’ll never get back nor would want to re-live but, let’s hold onto these lessons and appreciate the extra time weve been given to reflect, be present and connect inwardly & with others ?❤ Let’s remember when all of this is over what’s really important ???