It’s at this time of year where I take some time out to reflect on the last 12 months, I look back at the experiences and lessons I’ve had along the way.

This year has been a year of transitioning, I’ve gone from working full-time work to part-time and I’ve spent much of the year working on finding balance and joy in my life. On 4th January 2017 I handed my notice in from a role I’d had for over 16 years to pursue a career in growing my business and even though it was an exciting time it was also very daunting!

I’d dreamed of working on my own business for 3 years before but wasn’t ready to take the plunge, however, I knew that one day I would make this change.  In preparation for this, we spent the last 6 months of 2016 making plans so that we were in a good position financially for me to be able to make this shift and even though we were able to afford this change it was still a little scary.

I gave up security and consistency for a life of freedom, spontaneity and uncertainty.  I’m pleased to say on 4th January I took the leap of faith and handed in my notice and I’d never felt so confident about what I could achieve as part of my business.

Aspirational Living is a lifestyle business and it encourages others to live life the conscious way by staying true themselves, looking after themselves both physically and mentally and by becoming the best version of you.

I myself have been on a personal journey over the last few years and I have learnt so much, this is a lifelong journey and something that I will continue to enjoy. I’ve certainly embraced 2017 and made some significant changes in my life too, I’ve learnt more about nutrition, health and lifestyle and I’ve continued on my own personal development journey with coaching and mindfulness and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

I have started to adopt healthier eating habits and this has left me feeling better than ever before. However, in the run-up to Christmas, I’ve slipped back into some bad habits and started making my way through the festive food.

2017 has been a great year for Aspirational Living and the corporate side of the business has grown so much. I’ve delivered and worked in partnership with some very credible clients including; Northumbrian Water Limited, RPMI, Councils, Schools and Colleges too. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed engaging with these clients and their workforce and have received some good feedback which is always nice to have too.

I’m so proud of how far the business has come already but, I ’m also proud of the things I’ve achieved myself too. I’ve personally developed new skills, knowledge and qualifications and that in itself has given me a thirst for personally in a variety of ways and But, this year my business has grown  in an area that I had not expected and instead of working with more individuals on a 1-1, I’ve been delivering a number of different training sessions and programmes in a corporate setting.

This year has been a good year but, I can’t believe how quickly it’s flown by.  The one thing that’s still work in progress though is the ‘work/life balance,’ there have been times this year where I’ve nailed it and I’ve felt healthy and happy. But, throughout the last two months I’ve had so much work on that it’s slightly tipped out of kilter and it’s left me feeling vulnerable to the nasty coughs and colds that have been going around. Both my sons have suffered with tonsillitis and high temperatures and of course as a Mum I’ve been giving lots of cuddles but that’s left me open to infection myself.

As a result of this I myself have suffered with a sore throat and cough throughout December but, having been here before I know what I need. I just need to rest, relax, drink plenty of fluids and eat myself well again. I’m filling up with my five a day and sleeping lots, it’s a little frustrating that this is happening over there festive period but if I look after myself I’ll be better soon.

This is a lesson that I still need to learn and will take into 2018.  Life can be so busy at times and the endless list of tasks can be relentless but, life is about balance and sometimes that balance can sometimes tip too far one way.  I know now though that I have all the tools I need in my toolbox and I can call upon them at any time.

2017 has been a year of transition and I’ve achieved so much already but, 2018 is about maintaining balance and a healthy and happy lifestyle. It’s about spending quality time with loved ones and growing a business I love to help benefit others too.

My biggest lesson in 2017 is that it pays to follow your dreams. 2017 has taught me so much, it’s taught me to be brave even when you’re not sure if you have the courage to do so. It’s taught me to listen to my heart and follow on this journey even though I’m unsure where the path may lead and it’s taught me to stay true to myself, and my own needs and wants. But most of all it’s taught me that everything happens for a reason, some things are meant to be and some things are meant to just stay the way they are. I feel so lucky with everything and everyone I have in my life, 2017 has had its ups and it’s downs but I’ve learnt from every lesson and I’ll go into 2018 stronger, wiser, more resilient and excited about what this new year may unfold!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!