Every year so many people make new year’s resolutions and every year so many of them get broken. As a coach and mindfulness teacher I’ve trained and learned that to truly live a life you love you need to adopt new habits, new techniques and new strategies to help you make sustainable change.

Mindfulness has taught me strategies and techniques that’s changed not only my life but, those around me too! My family, friends and those who’ve benefited from the training I’ve offered. There are no fads, no gimmicks, just techniques, habits and strategies that can be applied to everyday life.

So I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions this year, I just want to be healthy and happy, spend time with friends and family, and travel as much as we can. In addition to this, here are 9 Mindful ways I’ll be living my life in 2019, I hope they help you to live the life you want too.

1. Be kind to yourself ~ Always remember to be as kind to yourself as you would be to others. We can often put ourselves to the back of the queue when it comes to taking time for us but, remember it’s vital we look after ourselves first. Remember the aeroplane analogy, when on a plane in the event of an emergency who does the stewardess tell you to put the mask on first? It’s you! And why does she do this?!

{Always remember this, taking for you isn’t selfish}.

2. Be aware of the mind chatter ~ Too many times we can experience mind chatter, that silent voice in your mind that keeps playing over and over again saying the same things it always has. Sometimes this voice in our heads serves us well, it can be kind, nurturing and supportive, and sometimes it can be so negative it hinders you from living the life you want to. So become aware of that inner voice and become aware of its power in order to learn to tame it. Our thoughts affect our feelings and our emotions and that in turn affects our behaviours. Become aware of the patterns you’ve adopted over the years and learn new ways to tame those thoughts and let go of any shame, hurt, resentment and anger, it’s not serving you well so let go of it and move forward.

3. Be aware of your frenemies ~ Who are the people you surround yourself with who act like your friends but, then talk shit about you behind your back?! You know who they are, forgive them for their foolishness and idiocy and take a step back from them. Accept that you want control or change the way they act and let go of the relationship. You don’t need that negativity in your life and how can you expect to live a positive life when you’re surrounded by that negativity?!

4. Know your own worth ~ You should be right at the centre of your own world and you should always know your own worth. Be kind, compassionate and supportive of yourself, you are your best ally and supporter! If you don’t root for yourself how can you expect anyone else to?!

5. Embrace flawsomeness ~ How many times in our lifetime have we wished we were a little taller, perhaps smaller, had bigger assets, straighter hair, curlier hair, were slimmer or something else?! Too many times to mention I bet! We all have flaws, none of us are perfect {well, maybe there are a few but, not many} we need to embrace our flaws and realise we’re all awesome in our own way! So accept that and be done with it.

6. Be patient & trust that everything will happen as it’s meant to ~ when we’re lost in a chapter of our lives where we’re not happy or experiencing some kind of hardship, health problem or other difficulty, it can be sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. We find it hard to accept that things will get better in time and we find it hard to remain patient when we’re experiencing the hardship but, it’s vital we do. Mindfulness encourages us to accept things for the way they are and to let go of the things we can’t control. Once you do this you’ll be so much happier and that’s when the real magic happens.

7. Find balance ~ In the 21st century we live such fast paced lives and we’re constantly rushing from one activity to another. We find it hard to be present and focused on anything as we’re always multi-tasking. Make this the year you slow down, make it the year you find the right balance for you between work and play {everyone’s tolerances are different so find yours} and make it the year you remember all those little things that can pass us by so easily when we’re distracted or have our head in our phones. It’s the little things that make us the happiest so take a moment to notice them.

8. Be non-judging ~ Since I was put on this planet I’ve always been aware the judgements that some people make about others without truly knowing or understanding the full picture. I’ve never understood why, perhaps they’re happiest when they’re putting down others?! Who knows…..?! I’m here to remind you of the quote, that great minds talk about ideas and small minds talk about people, which one do you want to be?! Next time you’re about to make a judgement just stop yourself and remember this and just say, ‘Each to their own’.

9. Be happy ~ Life is too short to be anything but happy! So never let anyone put you down, treat you badly, never stay in a job you don’t enjoy and never stop searching for whatever it is that sets your soul alight. When you find those activities, people or favourite past times then relive them as often as you can, spend time with those who love you for you and make sure you live a life you love. You only get one shot at this life so make sure it’s a life worth remembering!

Wishing you all the health and happiness in 2019!

Kelly x