We live in such a fast paced world and we lurch from one activity to another without really paying attention to anything on purpose. We find our days are long but, our years short and as we grow we find that time speeds up and before we know it weeks turn into months and months in years.

Life is a gift and a blessing but, it doesn’t mean we don’t have bad times because we do. There are times in this life when we all experience heart ache, heart break, bereavement, illness, relationship difficulties, work issues and so much more and we can all get a little pulled out of shape perhaps even more than once in our lifetime. Then before we know it we can feel overwhelmed and it can be difficult to find a way forward. I know first hand what this feels like and I’ve suffered in this way too. It can affect our mood, our health, well being, the relationships around us and much more so it’s important to be aware of this in case you encounter this too.

Through trial and error, and study I’ve learned how to overcome these issues and through accredited training and my own personal development I’ve learned strategies and techniques that really work and can help you to get back to feeling like ‘you’ again. Its during these times of hardship, overwhelmed and heartache that we need to learn to simplify our lives so we can truly strip it right back to basic and learn to rebuild our lives from there. In doing so you’ll find pleasure once more from the simple things in life, by removing distractions and non essential things in your life you’ll be able to start moving forward once more.

8 ways to simplify your life

1. Materialistic possessions ~ Work out what your relationship is with materialistic possessions. Do you like lots of things around you, are you a hoarder or do you take pleasure from decluttering? Whatever your attitude right now, if you’re keen to simplify your life, that means decluttering and getting rid of excess things. By doing so you’ll have more space, less things to tidy and you’ll reduce your desire to keep adding ‘stuff’ to your home. Remember we’re trying to simplify here ~ so start small and declutter room by room and then either give away items, sell them or take them to a local charity shop.

2. Time ~ Work out your relationship with time. I’m a firm believer that the majority of things in life is ‘time vs money.’ Ask yourself, ‘Do I value time and would I prefer to pay someone to do a job for me?!’ Or, ‘Would I rather save money and do it myself?!’ I appreciate it’s not always as cut and dried as that but once you understand this concept you can apply it to your own life.

Do you want more time on your hands to do the things you love?! If so, work out how you can claw some time back.

3. Negative thoughts ~ Do you experience negative thoughts? If so, you’re not alone. Thoughts fuel our emotions which in turn fuel our behaviour and awareness.

Of the thoughts you have in your mind, is the first step to changing the way you think. Jot down the negative thoughts you’re having and try to challenge this thought. Ask yourself, is it real? Does it exist and is it based on fact or is it just based on the thoughts you have in your own mind? Once you explore this further this will help you to move forward. If you require additional support with this get in touch.

4. Negative people ~ Who are you surrounding yourself with? Those that support and inspire you or those who sabotage you, bitch and moan about you behind your back and/or those who have a negative impact on your life?! Examine your relationships and friendships closely and remember that you can’t live a positive life if you surround yourself with negative people. Take action.

5. Unhealthy lifestyle habits ~ Are your actions and/or habits helping or hindering you?! Do you adopt healthy habits or are you suffering in this area, if so go back to basics. This means start eating healthy food, drink plenty of water and get some rest. We know this is good for us yet, we often don’t take our own advice. Simplify in this area of your life, reduce the alcohol, cigarettes, food intake, whatever it is that’s impacting negatively for you and take care of yourself.

6. Screen time ~ This is an issue, especially in today’s world. We have our devices with us at all times and there are so many apps, social media platforms and websites that cause a distraction from what matters most; family, relationships, me time ~ the list is endless! So be mindful of how much screen time you have. Choose your time wisely and set a time limit daily to prevent you from spending hours on social media. Remember, we are simplyfying not eliminating.

7. Multi-tasking ~ This is something that I’ve struggled with in the past. I always liked being busy and I’d wear it like a badge of honour but, nowadays I like to pay attention to events, experiences and conversations with loved ones so I chose not to multi-task. How can you ever pay 100% attention to anything if you’re doing other things at the same time? You can’t! Find joy again in the simplest of tasks and pay attention to those around you, they deserve it.

So those are my 8 top tips for simplifying your life. I’ve been doing this now for over 3 years and always finding new ways to simplify my life. My needs and wants have reduced yet, my goals and aspirations for life babe increased. I’m loving life and I’ve found new ways to find joy in my life; cooking, baking, meeting a friend and going for a walk, I’ve reignited my love for reading again and I’m happier now than I ever have been.

Good luck on your journey with simplyfying your life. Once you start you wont want to stop.

Best wishes,

Kelly x