As I grow older it’s becoming increasingly apparent that actually having the opportunity to grow older is a real privilege and not something that should be taken for granted. Sadly so many others are not gifted this opportunity and many are taken from this world too prematurely.

There are so many of us that just take daily life for granted and for many they realise too late in life that they never really learned to live before they died.

I’ve always been interested in this concept and having researched this subject it appears that there are a number of helpful & thought provoking questions that can help you to unearth your aspirations, dreams and goals to help you to live a life you love. They can help us to design our life and help us to truly live before we die.

Thought provoking questions designed for you

1. What’s really important to you in life?! If you’re unsure how to answer this then start thinking about your needs and wants, what are they and what matters to you most?!

2. What motivates you in life to have these aspects included in daily life?! This question will help you to get under the skin of what it is you really want in life and it’s a great starting point when designing a life you want to live.

3. It’s also important to understand what kind of person you are and what aspirations you have for yourself for the future. When considering this, contemplate your personal values and morals and consider your perspective/outlook and view of the world. Do you have a positive mindset or a negativity bias?

4. Consider what might be holding you back? A lack of confidence? Others telling you it’s not achievable to live in this way? Whatever the issue or concern, identity the root cause and work through them.

5. Decide the way you want to live your life so this is day-to-day living. How do you want to spend your time and with whom? What is the kind of work you want to do within your life?!

6. Identify your attitude to money wealth materialistic possessions and everything else even though money isn’t the most important thing it’s certainly provides opportunities. By understanding your attitude to money you can then start to build a picture of what’s important to you.

7. Identify the boundaries that you want to put in place, this is how hard you’re willing to work and how you can balance work/life balance and it’s also the boundaries that you’re willing to put in place to keep negative people at bay.

8. Consider your life ambitions. What’s on your bucket list? Where do you want to travel to what are the experiences and events that you’d like to have? What are the things you’re willing to compromise on in life and work out the things that you’re not.

We already recognise that life can be short and sadly we are surrounded by constant reminders of this. So with this in mind I encourage you to take a step back from life and start considering what’s important to you in your life ~ what matters and what doesn’t so you can start living a life you truly love before it gets too late.

Dont be filled with regret, shame or guilt, take action today and start designing a life you LOVE. You wont regret it!

NB: Another great tool that will help you with this is our Wheel of Life tool this will help you to take control of your life and help you to start taking action.

These blogs , tools and techniques are designed to help you to move forward in your life. If you find them helpful or have any questions or queries then please comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Kelly x