A body cleanse is the best way to clean out your system and give your body a break from certain food and drink.  Research has shown that the body can cleanse itself of most toxins within 10 days and can eliminate all traces of alcohol in this time too but, a 30 day body cleanse provides your body with additional time to cleanse fully.

During a 30 day cleanse you will start making conscious choices about the food you eat, you will start eating mindfully and this will help you to start making healthier choices and provide you with the ability to start adopting healthier habits.

Here are 8 benefits to body cleansing:

1. It helps to rid the body of any excess waste

This is one of the main purposes of body cleansing.  By eating healthy and reducing the amount of toxins entering the body it helps the liver, kidneys and colon to function much more efficiently.  Cleansing the colon is an important part of the detoxifying process and when we eat unhealthily it can cause our digestive systems to struggle to process this waste.  This can cause bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive problems.  By cleansing your body and eating fruit, vegetables and by making other healthy choices you’re enabling your body to eliminate waste and detoxify.

2. It helps to boost energy and vitality

During a body cleanse you will increase your water intake to between 2-3 litres per day and this helps to flush out any toxins and enables you to remain hydrated. There are so many benefits linked to drinking water, in doing so it will increase energy and promote weight loss, it will flush out any toxins and as a result of this it improves skin complexion.  It helps to boost our immune system and and acts as a natrual remedy for headaches.  As a result we feel hydrated and experience a sense of viality and it doesn’t cost you anything so you’re saving money too!

3. It helps with weight loss

By cutting out refined sugar, wheat and diary (only if you choose to) and replacing it with fruit and vegetables you begin to adopt healthier habits and this aids weight loss.  Once the 30 day cleanse is complete, you will hopefully learnt more about eating healthier and this will help aid a healthier lifestyle.  Staying healthy and eating well is a lifestyle change so quick fixes won’t work but, in 30 days you will have the opportunity to start creating positive and healthy habits.  You will have more energy as a result of this and can put this energy to good use and start exercising too which will also help with weight loss and toning.

4. You be able to think more clearly

During a body cleanse it’s always good to think about how you can cleanse your mind too.  When we adopt unhealthy eating habits it can cause us to feel lethargic, sluggish and have a lack of energy and due to this we can experience mind fog and this can make is harder for us to think more clearly.  Meditation and mindfulness can really help with a mind cleanse and people often experience a mind body connection which helps when seeking clarity and self-connection.

5. A stronger immune system

When you carry out a body cleanse/detox it enables your organs to function in the way they should.  It provides your body with the boost it needs and helps your body to absorb nutrients better.  This leaves you feeling more energetic and less fatigued and as your body will be working more effectively and efficiently it will naturally rid itself of toxins more regularly.

6. Healthier hair and skin

When you’re body absorbs the right nutrients and minerals it enables all organs to work more effectively and efficiently.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and when you provide it with the food it needs by drinking 2-3 litres of water and by making healthy choices your skin and hair will look and feel healthier.  When your hair and nails can grow without being restricted by toxins, your hair gets shiner and research has shown that hair and nails grow at a much quicker rate.  That’s an additional benefit for us all.

7. Breath

By cleansing and eating mindfully you are enabling your colon and digestive system to clear itself out.  In doing so, your body is ridding itself of the toxins that may exist in your digestive system or gut.  There are theories which highlight the link between bad breath and diet and as you cleanse your body in this way you will notice a marked improvement to the health of your mouth and breath. Tongue scraping is something I’m fond of and I do this daily, as you change your diet you’ll notice there are less toxins on your tongue.

8. Lifestyle change

By making positive changes to your food and drink intake you are beginning to adopt healthier habits that will benefit your body and mind in a range of different ways.  We have highlighted 8 benefits of eating mindfully here but, the list is endless.  By choosing the right foods you are making positive shifts and creating new habits that will ensure that you are not only fueling your body in the right way but, you’ll feel more energetic and have a real sense of vitality.  30 days is enough time to start creating new lifestyle habits that can be embedded into your daily life, the key is to adopt healthy routine so instead of reaching for that chocolate bar mid-afternoon, snack on an energy ball or piece of fruit.  You’ll feel so much better as a result of it!