Are you interested in running your own business? Would you like to avoid the pitfalls of being your own boss? Then you’re in the right place!

It’s quite timely that I should share this with you as it’s coming up to Aspirational Living’s two year anniversary, can you believe it’s been two years since our launch?! Two years….Wow! It has been a rocky road at times and challenging but, worth every minute of it.

I can’t quite believe it myself; I just don’t know where the time has gone.  In year 1 it was all about the launch and I held a series of events, workshops and classes and in year 2 it’s been a time for reflection and adjustment.  At the beginning of this year I transitioned into working for myself and that took some adjustment, I was also asked to stay working for the local college where I had worked previously for 2 days per week and as I continued to enjoy it, it made sense to stay in a job I love and it was also some added security too!

From the beginning many family and friends were very supportive about this venture and they provided me with the support and encouragement I needed but, some weren’t quite sure about my new venture.  I always knew what I wanted Aspirational Living to ‘look and feels like,’ and most of all I wanted to help support others to live a life they enjoy too and live life the conscious way!

In the two years I started working for myself I have learned so much and I wanted to share these insights with you;

Top 5 things I discovered working for myself

  1. Others may not see your vision

When I started Aspirational Living it was merely a pipe dream, an idea, a seed in my mind.  I dreamt of launching this fantastic coaching, training and wellness business and that helped others but, not everyone got it.

Others were concerned that I was getting carried away with myself, that I was taking on too much and that it would never work.  They didn’t have that belief, that shared vision and therefore, couldn’t support me in the venture.  But, throughout it all, I stayed strong, determined and every obstacle that came my way I jumped right over it and continued on the path I was meant to follow.

The biggest lesson I learned was that my dream wasn’t their dream and it was okay for others not to understand my journey or goal.  After all, this is my journey and not theirs so as long as I’m happy doing what I love, that’s all that matters!

  1. The importance of having a supportive network

On the contrary to others ‘not getting it,’ I had so many others who did.  Some understood what I was trying to achieve from the beginning and others weren’t quite sure what the end goal would look like but, nevertheless they supported me throughout it all. They supported me through the ups and the downs and they listened to my ideas and provided feedback and their words of wisdom, support and encouragement helped me no end.

It helped me to keep going when I could have easily stopped, there was the time when the website wasn’t working properly and we had no one to turn to, the time when my Facebook marketing account got hacked and the hackers ran up a bill of £800 and set a maximum spending limit for £80,000.  Yep, that’s right – £80,000 and the added bonus was it was all done on Christmas Day! Who does this?!

That took some sorting out by my lovely, amazing, supportive and patient husband but, we got there in the end and our £800 was returned by Facebook. Having friends and family around you who support, encourage and inspire you is so very important.

  1. Starting from where you are

There are so many others that are further along the road than you are.  These are the ones who are already established and have award winning programmes and super inspiring coaching and wellness websites and apps, products and services.  These are the inspirers, these are the ones you look up to and dream about being there, these are the ones who show you, it can be done!

There were times throughout this journey when I wish I was ‘there,’ wherever ‘there’ is but, I soon realised that even though I’ve got so many others who inspire me, I know that my journey is different to theirs.  You see, we all bring something different to the party; we’ve all got unique experiences and stories that have helped shape and mould us and that’s what makes us different to others.

Patience is a virtue and coupled with sheer determination and hard work it’s a recipe for success.  May I add at this point that success isn’t something that drives me, I mean how do you define success?! It means different things to different people.  Success to me, means giving back, making a difference and helping others to live a life they love too!

  1. Self-belief is critical

There were times throughout the last two years where I could have easily given up, there were challenges, comments from others who said, ‘They just don’t get my business and what I’m doing,’ and it cut deep.  But, in business and life in general everyone you meet either inspires you or teaches you a lesson.  They taught me a lesson, a lesson in self-belief and acceptance.

This lesson was the biggest lesson of all, not everyone is going to get what you do and not everyone is going to be happy for you either but, that’s okay because they don’t need to get it.  It helped me to understand the power of acceptance too, accepting that everyone is different and accepting that others can have their opinions but, that it’s certainly not going to put me off course. I know where I want to go and know how I’m going to get there!

Just remember what your motivations are and why you started our business and then just go for it!

  1. Create your vision

Two years into my business I’ve realised how important it is to create a vision at the beginning so you understand where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.  But, I’ve realised that this vision has evolved and slightly changed since conception so one thing I’ve learnt is to be flexible in your approach to your vision.

Things change, interests evolve and knowledge increases and that can take you on different topics.


So if you’re looking to take that leap of faith then I hope these lessons that I’ve learnt along the way do benefit you, good luck with your journey and get in touch if you think you’d benefit from any of our products and services.

Much Love,

Kelly x