During lockdown we made the decision to buy our first family caravan and since then we’ve enjoyed a few weekends away and have loved it. In this blog post I share with you five amazing benefits that camping has created for us. 

Top 5 benefits 

1. Connection  ❤ During our camping trips we’ve been able to ‘really’ connect with one another and spend time with each child, and each other as a couple whilst the boys played.

Without the usual daily distractions of being at home {housework, jobs, errands etc.} we’ve been able to focus on what’s important, we’ve connected and played with one another all weekend ??

2. Sense of Community ? Campsites create a sense of community, we meet & chat to new people and the boys make new friends. It’s an adventure for them, it’s great for developing their confidence and communication skills further and they have so much fun! ?

3. Time ⏰ Camping creates time; time together, time to sit alone and read, relax or go for a walk. It creates the opportunity to have fun whilst being in the great outdoors and it creates a sense of freedom. Freedom to do whatever you like and a sense of escapism from daily life. ?

4. Adventure ? The opportunity to visit new places explore and wander along rivers, lakes, hills and visit towns, villages, woods beaches and countryside. Everywhere we have been has been a new adventure and we have loved it. ☀️?

5. Play ? When camping, there are no chores or jobs to do, well apart from washing up and a little tidying. But, seriously there is nothing to do but, eat good food, enjoy the great outdoors and play. We’ve played cricket, tennis, rounders, football, you name it and we have all loved it. So much so that even the other campsite kids joined in with us which was lovely {sense of community}. ❤

Camping is such great fun and it has created us with the opportunity to get away most weekends. It provides the opportunity to connect, have fun, seek adventure but most of all relax and recharge! ?