It’s the perfect time of year to go for a walk outdoors, and in the North East of England we’ve got so many beautiful places to head outdoors and get some fresh air.

This time of year is one of my favourite times to head outdoors, the nights are getting lighter, the temperatures are rising and the leaves are starting to regain their colour.

When life gets too much I often head outdoors and one of my favourite places to go is to the woods or the park. We tend to do this most weekends and we combine a little walk and a play in the park for the boys and even if they are not always up for doing this initially, they always end up having a brilliant time. It allows us to connect together as a family at a much deeper level and we can often be found having races against one another, collecting stones or leaves and just generally fooling around.

These are such precious times and I try and create as many of them as I can with our family because before long the boys will be older and will choose to stay at home most likely instead of head outdoors {I’m dreading that day}.

However, I’m determined to do this type of activity for as long as possible with the boys as it encourages them to see the real beauty in nature. It was something my father reminded us of every time we went for a walk in nature. He encouraged us to take 3 deep breaths and always insisted it was good for us to do so, he was right!

Here are my top 3 tips for making the most of the outdoors;

1. Observe everything with a beginner’s mind – Look at everything with a sense of curiosity and as if you’ve seen it for the very first time. Take the time to notice the colours and shapes around you, and take a moment to notice the sunshine on your face and the view that surrounds you. Nature is such a beautiful thing and it’s ever changing, yet somehow it’s real beauty gets lost in the daily grind and we forget to pause and notice the things that change with every season that comes and goes.

2. Take full advantage of your senses – Our senses enable our experiences and when walking outdoors take full advantage of every sense you have. Listen to the birds singing in the trees, observe the things around you and use your touch to handle leaves, conkers and other items that you may collect along your way. We often collect things as we go, and take time to examine them and appreciate their real beauty.

3. Set your phone to airplane mode – Use the time out walking to disconnect. This allows you to connect with those around you in a meaningful way and it enables you to be present in the moment and to really immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Being outdoors and being outside with nature provides me with the space I need to be able to disconnect from the world just for a few moments. Whether it’s an afternoon or just an hour, I always go back feeling happier and more balanced and I hope you do too.


Love, Kelly xx