As I sit typing this post, it suddenly dawns on me that we’re already two weeks into September and the leaves are falling from the trees, but, where did the first two weeks go?!  In the blink of an eye we are already two weeks into the school term and in the Gaston household we’re all feeling the effects of this adjustment period.

The long summer days are a distant memory and in all honesty I felt as though the British summer time had been pretty grim this year, we had bouts of glorious sunshine but, not that many days of full sunshine.  I can’t complain though as we had a wonderful summer and spent some time in France with my parents which was, as always very relaxing!

For the last two weeks we’ve all been struggling to get back into a routine, it’s been a tough old slog dragging our bodies out of bed every morning and we all of us just wishing we could just stay at home with the heating blaring whilst hiding under the covers.  But, like many others we’ve had to soldier on and it’s affected every single one of us in different ways, but I think the boys have struggled most.  They’ve had busy days at school and they’ve had to readjust into their new classes and new home work schedules and not only that, they’re back into full swing of their school activities and clubs too!

Football training did continue over the summer season but, now we’re in the midst of the football season and this year we’ve got to tackle two separate football matches every Sunday and the boys will (for the first time) play in two different teams, in different places.  Oh the joys! It’s going to be a juggling act every Sunday morning and mid-week when training is on as they’ll be playing in different locations and Richard and I will have to take it in turns every week so we both get to see each of them play.

In addition to this we’ve ventured into the ‘pack lunch’ territory too, so as well as getting their little bodies out of bed every morning I’ve also got to make their pack lunches too (sigh) but, I’ve got to be honest, this part isn’t as bad as I thought.  They’ve been eating everything including the fruit as that was the deal before we agreed to this.  We agreed that if the goodies are eaten and the fruit and healthy snacks aren’t then it all stops.  I think they knew I meant business with this so they haven’t wanted to deviate from the plan.

For the past two weeks in particular it’s felt like it’s been a struggle too as the nights draw in and the evenings and mornings get colder.  We’ve all found it difficult to move into Autumn and it feels as though we’re not quite ready yet to get out the winter jumpers yet.  We’ve also had reading books to read (two lots), spellings to learn and times tables every week too and the boys have been exhausted with it all but, they’ve been so conscientious I haven’t wanted to dissuade them.  Richard and I have also had a lot on and our work schedules have been busier than usual so that hasn’t helped.

Ironically, even though the boys have been exhausted they’ve struggled to sleep at night, probably because their little brains have been over stimulated at school all day so they’ve tried everything possible to prevent them having to go to sleep.  They’ve wanted bed time drinks, snacks, cuddles and toilet stops – you name it, everything!  But, there have been times when I’ve crawled into bed with them to just give them just one extra cuddle and as I look at them just laying there all freshly washed and grown up and I just can’t resist giving them one extra hug.

It’s times like this when everything is quiet and everyone is still, its then I realise how big they’re actually getting, they lay next to me with their long limbs and freshly washed hair and it’s then I realise how important it is to remember these moments in the midst of the chaos.

We’re already venturing into Year 2 & 3 now with the boys and the time has flown by, but now I know how quickly it goes I plan on making the most of every moment, every tiny moment with them.  My confession as a Mindful Mother is that I don’t have it all figured out, sometimes it feels like a daily struggle and sometimes I feel so smug because I’ve made homemade curry and crumble and I feel like a domestic goddess on these days.  But, it literally depends on which day is it and what we’ve had on as to how tired I feel as some days I try and prioritise my priorities and other days I can’t see the wood for the trees.  But, one thing I do know is that throughout parenthood I’ve learnt over the years to listen to my body and take the time out when it’s required.  In the past I’d solider on and push myself beyond even my own boundaries but, after doing that for many years it made me so ill that I could barely carry on so nowadays I listen.

I listen to my body, I listen to my mind, I listen to my need and my wants and most of all I take the time I need to recharge and relax when I can.  This helps me to keep going and it helps me to showcase the best possible version of myself to the boys and my family, it doesn’t always work but, I try.  It helps me to keep a balanced approach to life (most of the time) and it means I still have the patience even at 8pm at night to always see the best in the boys and nowadays I’m not so keen to get them into bed to sleep so I can have my own time .

I felt as though I wanted to share this today as the last two weeks have been busy, hectic and demanding but, today I practiced what I preached and took some time out for me.  I bought a big bag of vanilla donuts and I sat with the biggest cup of tea I could find and I sat and ate two donuts and I watched Cold Feet on the sofa and it felt bloody good!

So if you’re struggling making the adjustment too then you’re not on your own, you don’t have to be wonder woman and do it all, you just have to know you’re doing your best!