Giving back has always been something that I’ve been passionate about, I truly believe that we should all give back where and when we can.

Giving back can be done in a variety of ways and we all have something to offer, in the words of Audrey Hepburn;

‘As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One hand for helping yourself and the other for helping others.’

Aspirational Living gives back in two ways;


The first is by offering one free 6-week course to one named Charity and its recipients every year. This course is usually £180 per person but, we wanted to give back so we decided this year to offer this course for the benefit of others completely free.

Charities can provide such a fantastic support for those who access their services despite their budgets being tight, so we wanted to give back to them. The course that is offered is a Mindfulness in Health course or a Mindful Living course, during the course Kelly shares her expertise, knowledge and skills with others.  Kelly also shares her tools, techniques and strategies with those that attend and the aim is to help others live life consciously, mindfully and ultimately find enjoyment and happiness in the life they love.

If you work for or know of a charity who may benefit from this, then please get in touch with Kelly at (email address)


The Don McGrath Foundation

A few years ago I came across, ‘The Don McMath Foundation School,’ the charity opened in 2001 and now provides schooling, books, accompanying equipment and a uniform to each child who attends and the total capacity for the school is 360 children.

The school encourages others to sponsor a child and help them to access an education that they otherwise may not have had the opportunity to do so.  Since 2015 Aspirational Living has sponsored two children and we will continue to do this until they turn 18.  We work collaboratively with the school and we hear regularly back from the children and school about their progress.

Education and personal development is hugely important to all of us but, some may not have the opportunity to access this support but, with our help they can.

If you would like to learn more about this or sponsor a child yourself then visit their website on the link below;