So today is Monday already and I honestly don’t know where the weekend went.  We were so busy catching up with friends and on Sunday the. It’s had a football tournament so we spent some time there watching them.

So this morning we decided to head out for the day to Stockheld Park and spend the day together (just us) as a family. Stockheld has been somewhere I’ve wanted to go with the boys for a while but for one reason or another we’ve just never got round to it. But, today was an absolute hit for us all and we loved it as there’s so much to see and do.
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We packed a picnic for lunch and made some snacks too for the boys. We find doing this helps us to keep the cost down a little and it means that we can ensure the boys have at least a little fruit throughout the day too.  We set off around 9.30am and arrived at 10.30am and the boys headed straight over to where the inflatable slide and park was. They were so excited to go and it felt like an adventure all day as we spent the day exploring the park.
It’s set in such beautiful surroundings and the countryside around the park is beautiful. During the day we we wandered in the many parks, took part in Deb building, the boys went on the inflatables, played football and so much more. One of the best things we did was to adventure in the Maze, it was such good fun.  We took lots of wrong turns and the names of the maze streets were brilliant and the boys raced around the maze but, after what felt like an eternity of getting lost, Richard had to act as our navigator and use his navigation skills to get us out – eventually.  I could see some other parents getting really frustrated and we kept bumping into some of them in the maze, it was really funny but, the kids didn’t mind they loved it.
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Our favourite part of the the day we’re the electric scooters, they were brilliant! The boys rode with us and they were quite fast at times especially when going round the corners but, they were such good fun.
The activity they least enjoyed was the roller skating, they didn’t enjoy it one bit. No matter how much they tried they just couldn’t get their balance so Richard and I ended up taking our skates off so we could help support them. But after two rounds of lots of whinging and a little moaning they eventually came off (thank goodness!)
The day was brilliant but, I’ve got to say the car journey home was a little chaotic as they were so hyped and never stopped talking, laughing and generally winding one another up the whole way – Arghh!  Where do they get the energy from?! I could do with a bit of their energy.
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I’d definitely recommend Stockheld Park for a family day out. We had so much fun and enjoyed some of the activities together too which is always an added bonus! I’m exhausted now though and ready for a long soak in the bath and ready for an early night!

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