For a while now I’ve been reading about the benefits of being outdoors with children and there is so much research to prove that it not only helps with their well being (and yours) but, studies show that spending time in nature has the power to improve a child’s body image and confidence and can offer significant therapeutic value for young people.

These outdoor experiences can also help children develop skills in problem solving and decision making and this can help them in everyday life.  Research has shown that nature can help with the psychological well being of a child too and I can relate to this personally. I feel so much happier when I’m outdoors, I feel more relaxed, calmer and that could be because the boys have an open space to be free and run wild but, all joking aside I know that being outdoor feeds my soul and makes me happy.

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In today’s world, life can be hectic and so busy at times with the ever demanding jobs and tasks we have to perform daily and that’s not to mention the long list of distractions we now have at the touch of a button.  So it’s now even more important to build in time to be outdoors, to breathe fresh air, to find the time to appreciate nature and to find the time to connect as a family.

We have had some of our best days together outdoors, it always seems to create an environment of calmness and because of this we have so much fun as we’re all engaged and connected fully with one another.  There are no TV’s, play stations or other technical devices to distract any of us and we often take a picnic and find somewhere beautiful and stop by and eat together and chat together.

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We enjoy the simple things; going to the park (we do this a lot), going on a bike ride, visiting the beach – the list is endless and there are so many things you can that are for free or at little cost.  I find these ones are the best!

This summer we’ve written our Summer Bucket List and there are plenty of things on there that include ‘going outdoors,’ so our challenge to you is to try and encourage you too to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  No matter the weather, come rain or shine – plan activities outdoors and get those wellies and raincoats on and make the most of your summer!

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We’ve created 30 things that will give you some ideas of how you can get outdoors whether that’s with little ones or big ones – Enjoy!

30 Things To Do Outdoors.

1. Make a picnic and find somewhere lovely to enjoy it!

2. Go camping – whether it be in your back garden or in a campsite, either way the kids will love it!

3. Go on a scavenger hunt – Look out for our scavenger list, coming soon.

4. Visit a local reservoir or better still sign up to the RSPB and get free access.
5. Climb a big hill – For us that would be Roseberry Topping.
6. Make fruit kebabs outdoors for the birds – see our Blog Post on joining the RSPB.
7. Have a water bomb fight in the back garden.
8. Have a BBQ and invite friends and family over to share.
9. Go Geo-Caching – it’s great fun and there are so many around in your local area.
10. Go on a hike.
11. Make a den in a forest.
12. Take a boat ride.
13. Spend an afternoon in a local forest and enjoy nature.
14. Book to go on a high ropes circuit.
15. Spend the afternoon at the beach collecting pebbles, playing in the sand and making sand castles.
16. Fly a kite.
17. Go strawberry  picking.
18. Smell, pick and press flowers.
19. Play sports outdoors.
20. Go on a bike ride.
21. Make mud pies or blossom perfume.
22. Paint something that you can see outdoors.
23. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors as much as you can.
24. Make a hedgehog house.
25. Make Daisy chains.
26. Make leaf crowns.
27. Visit a local farm.
28. Visit as many of the local parks as you can and roll around in the grass, take the ball, make a picnic and play tig (tag if you’re American).
29. Go for a walk.
30. Join the National Trust and visit as many places as you can – they have tonnes of tips for enjoying yourself in the local area.
Remember to find any excuse to be outdoors – see the beauty in everything.
Live mindfully and join us to ‘live life the conscious way!’
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