So today is the beginning of the summer holidays and already I’ve got so many high hopes for the holidays.  This morning we began our holidays by all sitting together and writing our summer bucket list, yes you heard right our summer bucket list.  I’ve heard of the concept ‘bucket list’ many times in life but, we thought why not have a summer bucket list, at least this way you get to plan all of the things you want to do and then actually go ahead and do them.

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I’ve been reading lately about the fact that we’ve only got 18 summers with our children and when I read this it made me realise how important it is to plan our summers in the right way.  Its all too easy for the days and weeks to drift from one to another in the blink of an eye and I wanted to make sure that we made a conscious effort to plan our summer together.  As a Life Coach I work with clients to help them take a step back from their lives and start thinking consciously about their life.  I help them to understand their needs and wants and we work together to design a life they love and in doing so they go onto live a much happier life as a result of the choices they’ve made.  So I know all too well the importance of planning when it comes to daily life.
It’s the first time we’ve designed a summer bucket list and it felt like we were taking a very proactive approach and that in itself felt good because remember you’ve only got 18 summers.  So this morning we all gathered around the kitchen table and took it in turns to think of an activity we’d like to do together, some of them were free activities and others were paid activities, we tried to vary them as I want the boys to understand that it doesn’t cost money to have fun and we can have fun doing the simplest of things.  But, of course there were some things that cost money.
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Once we’d populated the list we then wrote each activity on a piece of coloured paper, folded it up and popped it into the jar. The folding up part of the activity I borrowed from a friend Christine as she’s been doing this with her girls too and I just had to borrow it as I thought it was such a great idea!
The boys really enjoyed it but, we did have to steer them away from some of the activities they wanted to do because some of them were just too impossible to achieve. For example, meet Santa 🙂 some of their ideas were so funny and did make me laugh with some of their ideas but, I was very impressed with some of the things they wanted to do. Tom chose for us all to learn a song on the piano and learn and perform poems together (very creative) and James wanted us to draw and craft together.
As parents it was so good for us to spend some time with them planning our summer too and we’ve also got two weeks in the South of France to look forward to too. So now we’re all ready to do some fun activities and I for one am very excited for this summer.
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This will be my first year working only two days a week in the 6 weeks holidays and I’m making sure I’m leaving lots of time free to spend it with the boys and Richard. It’s so easy to plan in lots of play dates, meet ups and get together but, this year I’ve made a conscious effort not to.
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I want to enjoy time to relax, spend time with the family and just generally enjoy the summer – whatever the weather! Today we headed out to our local Park and the boys enjoyed playing on their scooters, playing in the park and we also visited the museum their too and even though the weather was a little rainy at times we decided to just go out anyway and have some fun together.  The boys loved it even though they got a little wet too and they got to visit the old streets in the museum too and learnt how they made medicine’s and tablets in the olden days – it was a great day out.
Our British Summers are so unpredictable and we can’t guarantee what the weather will be like so we’ve just got to make the most of it and just make sure you pack some waterproofs to prepare for all eventualities.
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So whatever you’re up to, enjoy your summer and make sure you plan it the conscious way! ☀