Porridge may not seem like the most exciting breakfast but, almost any fruit can be added to make this plain breakfast more appetising, delicious and healthy.

Porridge is filled with healthy fibre and it provides energy to fuel our busy and active lifestyles.  It helps to fill us up without adding calories and it helps to keep your digestion regular.  


Staple Ingredients

1 1/2  cups of rolled oats

Milk of your choice

Additional ingredients

This ingredients can be added to any bowl of porridge, the list provides some ideas for you, as in as many or as little as you would like;


Sultanas, raisins or dried fruit

Pecans, cashews, seasame seeds, poppy seeds,

Apple, berries, mixed fruit, apricot, peach, pomegranate pear or even pineapple

Banana, blueberries, grapes, kiwis or plums



Top Tip: Porridge is so versatile and almost absolutely anything can be added to it!