A heart warming blackberry, apple and cinnamon breakfast! Kick start your day in the right way! 

The mix of blackberries and apple make the porridge taste deliciously sweet and the cinnamon add another layer to it.  It’s healthy way to start the day and another way of having 2 of your 5 a day before you even leave the house.




1 1/2  cups of rolled oats

Cover your porridge with milk (milk of your choice)

1 apple

100g blackberries

1 teaspoon honey, add more if you prefer

Makes 1 portion


Pour your porridge into a bowl, cover with milk and microwave for 2 minutes or until piping hot.

Mix the blackberries and apple into the porridge and add your honey.

Top tip: If you don’t like cinnamon then just leave it out.  Alongside this healthy nutritious breakfast, why not drink hot lemon water too to help flush out your system too!