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Kelly Fairhurst living proof

Living Proof with Kelly Fairhurst

Kelly is a Mum of two who has been lucky enough to have a career she’s loved. She has worked on some of the most well-known TV shows including Hollyoaks, Byker Grove and many others and was even working as a ...


Living proof with Nicky Stewart

In this interview Nicky shares the journey she’s been on so far in life and she talks to us about following your dreams, travel and life living abroad.  Nicky is a woman with a real zest for life, som...


Living proof with Catherine Burrell

In this interview Catherine shares the difficulties she has had to face during her life and she does this in a very open, honest and vulnerable way.  Catherine talks to us about bullying and how this affected ...


Living proof with Deb Ling

Deb is a Mum of two who has been lucky enough to have a career she’s loved, working in Performing Arts and at local universities.  Deb shares her story with us and tells us why things were never the same aga...


Living proof with Donna Dixon

Donna has experienced the worst kind of tragedy and heartbreak but, somehow knew her experience could help prevent others suffer in the same way she had and in this interview she shares her story to help inspir...


Living proof with Kristen Spitty

I arrived a little early to meet Kristen and we met at a local bar and restaurant so we could chat over a glass of wine. Five minutes later Kristen appeared, apologising that she was late and that she’d ...