Over recent years I’ve been on quite a journey and for a long time it felt like a juggling act as I’ve tried to balance work with family and business with pleasure which was really tough at times but, now having made it out of the other side I know now it was all worth it!

During these difficult times, I’ve also been struggling with health issues too and even though this has subsided now there were days when it felt like I was walking along the rockiest of roads and the symptoms I was experiencing were making me feel exhausted and drained. Looking back now though I feel like it’s been so worth it because I’ve come out the other side feeling happier and more conscious of what my needs and wants are. I’ve felt that throughout this journey I’ve had the time to work out what I want my life to look like and after coaching sessions of my own I now understand myself as a person so much more too. This might sound a little strange to those who are already confident in the person they are but, for those of you who’ve ever felt lost or stuck you’ll be able to relate to what I’m referring to. I now feel confident in the person I’ve become and I’m much more aware of what it is a stand for and I’ve made a conscious effort to surround myself with those that support and inspire me and I’ve taken action to distance myself from negativity which has had such a positive effect on me.

As part of the journey, Richard and I have analysed every single aspect of our lives too which was an unexpected surprise and we’ve spent many a night chatting about the life changing decisions we want to make in our own lives too and this has meant our connection together has been strengthened even further which has meant the world to me. We now understand what truly makes us happy in life and because we hit that ‘pause’ button a few years ago to think about what it was we really wanted as individuals and together we’re much happier as a result of it.

I mean how many people actually do this? How many people actually hit that ‘pause’ button and evaluate what it is they’ve achieved so far and then start making changes in their lives to ensure they start living a life they love?! For all those that do, there are still so many people that don’t and they are the ones that will look back on their life with regret and sadness as they didn’t take action and start listening to their gut instinct about what it is they should do. Richard and I feel lucky that we did and are now really excited about the future holds for us as a family, we understand that there’s no point in worrying about yesterday as that’s the past and we know tomorrow isn’t promised but, most importantly understand that today is a gift and what’s why it’s called ‘a gift!’ Knowing this has helped us to take action and move forward with the things we want in life and today I decided to write about this as a client of mine that has recently accessed coaching support told me first hand the benefits that hitting the ‘pause’ had for her. She’s now come out of this the other side knowing exactly what she wants her life to look like and she’s adopted the strategies and tools I’ve taught her to help stop the procrastinating and rumination. She’s now stopped being a people pleaser and feels confident in the decisions she’s made which has not only benefitted her but, that of her family too and as an added bonus her marriage is benefitting from the changes she’s adopted too!

It personally felt like for a long time I’d been searching for a life of ‘purpose’ and in doing this I’ve identified one of my passions which is helping those around me and others to help overcome any issues or concerns they have in their own life. I’ve worked extremely hard to gain new qualifications, to learn new skills and I’ve gained valuable experience which has helped me on my own journey of what is I want in life and work out how I’m going to achieve it! Now, as a qualified Coach and soon to be Meditation Teacher I’ve found happiness in my work and set up the most amazing business which has enabled me to help so many others too. That said, the last five years have been quite challenging to say the least and it’s definitely had its ups and its downs but, we’ve come out the other side of it feeling happier and truly blessed with everything we have in life, most importantly two healthy and happy children.

Nowadays, I work full time in a local college and run my business alongside this and it’s perfect, I truly feel happier than I have in years (and years) and I’m now looking forward to living a life surrounded by my family and friends. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have dreams and goals because we do, we’re always setting new ones but, now we feel happy with the choices we’ve made and we’re just looking forward to spending the rest of our lives creating memories with loved ones.

So are you willing to hit the ‘pause’ button and start living life the conscious way…?! I promise you it will bring benefits you never imagined, don’t just take my word for it – see our client testimonials.