Birthdays are a time of celebration but, also a time for setting new goals and dreams and this can often be caused by us reflecting on the life we’ve achieved so far. As we turn another year older it can remind us of the things we’ve achieved and experienced so far in our lives, it can also remind us of our goals and dreams we’d already set and not yet achieved!  This can either spur us on to go forward in the direction of our dreams and start making them a reality or they can make us feel very anxious about the things we’d still like to achieve in our life as they haven’t happened as yet!

I’ve personally experienced this in years gone by and as part of this reflection process it can be scary how quickly your life appears to be zooming by and how quickly the years are passing, this in itself spurs me on to start living life consciously and making my goals become a reality. However, for some this can send them into a state of panic and can make them feel very anxious.  I work with many clients who feel like their life is not as it should be and as a result of this they start experiencing mid fog and going from one idea to another about what it is they’d still like to achieve in their life never really making a decision about what it is they’d like to do.

As a woman in her mid-30’s I know this first hand as many of my friends and clients feel like they should have been married by a particular age or perhaps have travelled around the world or have owned their own home, whatever it is some people do experience regrets and I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, many people feel this way. The difference that makes the difference though is what you decide to do with your life from that point on.  Many want to experience new things or make changes to their life, so if that’s the case then make it happen, decide what it is you want to do and experience it.

Aspirational Living is all about helping people to take control and design their life so they can move forward living a life of no regrets! It’s about making sure that as many people as possible start truly living their life the way they want to!

Here’s my top tips for living life the conscious way;

  1. Identify what it is you’d still like to achieve in your life and when you’d like to do it.
  2. Reflect on why you haven’t achieved these goals so far so you know what obstacles to look out for in the future.
  3. Look into and research what needs to happen for you to be able to achieve this, if it’s a new qualification you’d like to achieve then research this or look into the places and countries you’d like to travel to and start making it happen.
  4. Set timescales for the ‘thing’ you’d still like to do or achieve.
  5. Stick to your schedule and make your dreams come true and start living a life of no regrets!


You Only Live Once! (YOLO!)