Do you ever look at others and wonder how they do it all?  Do you look at them from afar and wonder how they manage to fit it all in?  You look at them and watch them balance family life with a career or business and you watch them stay fit and healthy and even fit in study or a hobby too.and even more surprisingly they also manage to have a great social life too! But, how do they do it all with such energy, passion and with a real zest for life?

Well, I’m here to tell you what their secret is, it’s not that they’re great multi-taskers, in fact it’s quite the opposite. We’re often taught to do all of this means being the best at multi-tasking which involves juggling so many different jobs at one time however, I’m here to tell you that by doing this you’ll end up not doing anything well and you’ll end up feeling stressed and often fatigued.

I know so many mums who feel this way because there are so many demands put upon them including balancing work and family life.  Family life itself can feel challenging with the long list of hobbies and interests our children seem to have, it can be a dash from one place to another before coming home, making tea, getting tomorrow’s uniform and bags ready and then there’s the housework and that’s all before you do anything for yourself.  I know I’ve been there and at times still am however, I’ve discovered, ‘the secret’ and that’s ‘The Power Of Compartmentalising!’

So what do I mean by ‘Compartmentalising?’ Well, compartmentalising means understanding the different areas of your life and once you have a clear picture of this you can start compartmentalising.  By doing this you understand exactly what needs doing in your life and you’ll start to become more effective and efficient with your time allowing more time for relaxation and play.

Through coaching I discovered what the different areas of my life were and then I was able to plan my life more efficiently as I had a true understanding of this.  I then discovered meditation and by practising this daily it allowed me to practise mindfulness too which allowed me to really focus on the present and really enjoy that moment.  This was so different to the way I had lived my life previously as I was always trying to multi-task and always feeling like I was never doing anything well and that was the truth of it really, I wasn’t doing anything well I was lurching from one activity to another and not being fully engaged in anything.  Multitasking doesn’t encourage being present and being present is the difference that makes the difference!

Making this shift in mind-set has been so powerful for not only me but, those around me too and it  has changed the way I live my life.  I’m now fully engaged in the activities I’m involved in and when I’m with my boys I’m with them and engaged in this activity so when I’m working I don’t feel guilty anymore as I know it’s my time to work and focus on that.  Life is a balance in every sense of the word and once you become aware of this, you don’t feel guilty or indulgent when spending a little time on you for either personal development or awareness, relaxation or socialising whatever it is by compartmentalising your life it leaves room for everything and that makes you feel like you’re really living life the conscious way!  

So try compartmentalising your life and see first hand the benefits it brings and you too can start living life the conscious way!