This weekend I had a photoshoot and a video shoot, I’ve had photos done before by a professional photographer for the website but, I’ve never had a video shoot done and I needed one for my new You Tube Channel (coming soon).  I have to say both were such great fun, I enjoyed every minute of it, I had outfit changes and when the heavens opened we made a dash inside to take some shots in the house too!  I didn’t take myself too seriously and we just mucked about really trying new things and seeing what worked.

Having my own website and social media channels I’ve had to develop a library of photos over time to use and in order to do this I now regularly get some photos taken, which will be nice keepsakes I suppose when I’m in my 70’s looking back (god willing).  When I first started having my photos taken I was admittedly a little conscious, anyone would be as there were certain angles and poses I didn’t like of myself but, over time I’ve got used to just ‘accepting me for me.’

I’ve accepted my good bits and my bad and I know the things I’m not keen on but, I’ve just got over it and I’m now happy to say with all of my flaws I accept me! It’s a revelation to say that and it can be sometimes frowned upon, because others might think you’re too fond of yourself.  That’s not the case at all, it’s just a case of saying ‘I accept me for me’ and I’m ok with that.

‘Acceptance,’ is about accepting you for you and recognising your best bits and worst bits, or should we say your idiosyncrasies as some might say.  Sometimes we try to conform to be like others because we think we should be more like them and less like us but, I’m here to tell you, you should be embracing you for you.  

I have found that we spend so much of our lives wishing we had different things; we want thick hair because we have thin and vice versa, we wish we had better skin, a ski slope tiny weeny gorgeous little button nose, like all the celebs in those mags.  We wish we had longer legs, flatter stomachs, more money, bigger houses, flashier cars, designer handbags and the list goes on.  I’ve been here before, I’m sure we all have but, since my encounter with coaching I truly view life through a different lens.

We should stop wishing for all of the things we haven’t got and focus on what we have got!  Gratitude is the real ingredient for a happy life, I’m not saying don’t wish you had more, definitely do but, work out how you’re going to get it!

Accepting yourself is loving yourself the way you are, so what if you’re a little different – Embrace it!  You only get one life you don’t want to spend it chasing someone else’s dream or trying to be like someone else – just be you!  So if your quirky, geeky, creative, arty, nerdy, an introvert or an extrovert or anything else then embrace it. Be different and stand out after all God made us that way, why would you want to be anyone else other than you?!