In today’s world, many of us feel like we’re constantly juggling the demands of daily life and this can often leave us feel tired and even exhausted at times. With the juggle of family and work life we can feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything we feel like we need to!

As a result of this, we can often be too hard on ourselves and can chastise ourselves for not keeping on top of it all. Some of us want to be the best mum, wife, partner, friend, and colleague and so the list goes on but, when we put these demands on ourselves it can often get too much and when this does happen these effects of frustration and concern can leave us feeling fatigued and sometimes show itself in our health. I know because this used to happen to me, I’d be left feeling like what I was doing wasn’t good enough and resulted in so many other problems and health ailments.

There are times when we all feel overwhelmed and we can experience this at different times of our lives and this can contribute to mood swings, not feeling a sense of connection with yourself and others and it can cause health issues. I know of many friends and clients who have felt like this and then withdrawn themselves from social activities which can sometimes make things worse as they unintentionally isolate themselves. They can feel misunderstood and this can create negative and unhealthy thought patterns which lead to them feeling even more disengaged from their friends and in some cases society. This is only in severe cases however, health care professionals do encourage some of the most simple things to help aid this recovery including self care and self love, exercises and alternative therapies, medication can be offered if required too.

I was in this place a few years ago and it was during this time when I was at my lowest health-wise that I realised how important ‘Self Love’ was and I had to start building in some of this time to my daily time. Initially, I felt guilty about this and felt like it was a luxury to have this time but, once I started taking this time out I could see real benefits so I knew it was the right thing for me.

I started meditating, thinking about the foods I ate, I was drinking more water and giving myself time to recharge and recuperate when I needed to. But, more importantly I started changing my mind-set too and this was the biggest shift of all. I started to nourish my mind and body in all kinds of ways, I started surrounding myself with positive people, the radiators as I like to call them and as a result of this I felt more empowered and inspired. These were the friends that supported me no matter what and they were the ones who would listen to me when I felt lost or like I wasn’t keeping on top it all. These were the people I loved spending time with and even when they had their own problems it never felt like they were a ‘drain’ because they had a positive mind-set throughout.

I also stopped trying to control everything (in the nicest possible way) and I started ‘going with the flow’ a lot more and this helped hugely. Taking a flexible approach to life is always good, as things can occur and plans can change, toddlers can tantrum and in my experience that tends to upset the apple cart so being flexible and adaptable helps. It’s during times like these I try to just see the humour in it all and taking a few deep breaths really helps!

I started to listen to my intuition and that inner voice and when I didn’t want to do anything I didn’t. Instead of battling with my ‘inner voice’ and going against my intuition I started to really listen to myself and what I wanted as opposed to everyone else wanted me to do. This helped me to really care for myself and really take on board the feelings and emotions I was experiencing. For years I’d plodded on and not listened to my mind or my body and I paid the price health wise but, now with the changes I’ve made and the shift in mind-set I’m living a happier, more positive lifestyle!

There are times when I slip back into my old ways but, then I soon recognise those tell tale signs that I’ve seen before but, now I take action before I get too exhausted or ill. Self love is so important because it’s consciously thinking about your mind and body and what it requires in order to function effectively and efficiently everyday. It sounds simple and it is but, it’s important that you too understand the importance of self love because when you don’t look after yourself and put too many demands on yourself you can start to feel pressurised and it can show itself in your health.

Self love means adopting the right habits, stopping the negative mind chatter, understanding your limits and identifying when you need that little bit of ‘me time.’ Too many people in today’s world live life at such busy pace that they don’t enjoy the simple things and I’ve made positive strides towards shifting my mind-set and adopting happy habits and I’m seeing the benefits already.

Here are my top tips to Self Love and they will help you to ‘make the shift’ too;

1. Accept and love yourself more – Accept who you are and explore what the best version of yourself would look like.

2. Identify where you are now! Identify your happiness levels, understand what makes you happy and incorporate more of that into your life. It sounds easy and it is yet, many of us don’t stop and think about what truly makes us happy and makes us feel fulfilled.

3. Identify your well being levels – How are you feeling? Do you have health issues that you’ve ignored, then if so recognise them and understand if it can be resolved without medicine if so then do so, if not then seek medical support. Eg. I used to keep getting headaches because I wasn’t getting enough sleep, nowadays I sleep a minimum of 8 hours to ensure I don’t have these headaches.

4. Identify pockets of time for self care and self love – There are so many positive effects of relaxation, remember it’s not indulgent it’s vital and important to recharge, recuperate and rejuvenate.

5. Adopt a healthy, happy mind-set – Adopt a positive mind-set and surround yourself with the radiators and distance yourself from the drains. Be happy and remember to smile!

6. Drink water and adopt a healthier eating pattern, that’s a simple one!

7. Live life the conscious way – You will accept and love yourself more, whatever is happening in your life, when you live a life of purpose and passion but, you have to design this. Your purpose doesn’t have to be crystal clear to you but, if your intention is to live a meaningful and healthy life, you will make decisions that support this intention, and feel good about yourself when you succeed in this purpose.

If you have any Self Love suggestions then please comment, we’d love to hear from you;