Nowadays, so many people are wanting to find their ‘passion and purpose’ and I know many of them are keen to explore what it is that excites them and what makes them get out of bed on a morning. I work with so many clients who are looking for flexibility in the hours they work, yet they say they want to feel inspired and motivated by the work they do too.  As as a result of this these clients come to me for my coaching expertise to help them unpick this and help them move forward in the direction they choose to.

There are so many people who go to work every day and feel dissatisfied and unhappy with the work they do, many people actually feel ‘stuck’ and feel like there’s no other choice but, I’m here to tell you there’s always a choice! You might not be able to see your path right now but, with support you can clear the way for the life you want to start living.

I’ve been lucky to have a job I love as I’ve worked with so many fantastic people over the years and this has enabled me to pursue so many different projects and meet so many different organisations. But, in 2014 I started my coaching journey (as many of you already know) and it was then I realised that this was my ‘life’s work’ and this would always be a part of my life – forever!

Many people have already said to me, ‘Wow you’re so lucky to feel like that about your work’ and I agree I am but, it wasn’t always this way. You see, finding your passion and purpose means looking in many different places for many years, it means trying new things, learning and studying new skills, stepping outside of your comfort zone and just going for it anyway.  It could mean trying new things, taking lots of different jobs in different sectors and doing this until you find out what it is you want do with your life.

There are some lucky ones who know what it is they want to do from an early age but, for others it takes years (like me). I fell into coaching after searching for yet another course to keep me entertained and as a lifelong learner I’m so pleased I did.  You see, when you find your passion you can channel it in all sorts of ways, you can create your own business around it or secure your dream job in your dream company.  You can incorporate whatever it is you want to and for me that was about giving back too!  I built in  this giving back element from the beginning and we’re already sponsoring an international charity and plan to sponsor a local one too in the near future.

We live in a world that exalts and honours those who clamour for attention, this business isn’t about that, it’s about providing support, inspiration and guidance to those who require it. I want to help as many people as possible to start living life the conscious way!

Helping others should be at the forefront of everything we do! People say to me, how do you know what direction you’re going in and do you ever struggle and think about what it is Aspirational Living is about and my reply is whenever you lose sight of what it is your doing, stop making it about you and remember your focus is on others. Serve others, help and support others and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

There are times when all of us can lose sight in terms of what we want from life but, the key to a happy life is ‘love what you do’ and if you’re unsure what it is you love, then try new things and don’t stop trying until you find something that feeds your soul, makes you feel great and inspires you every day!

So choose to be fulfilled, keep striving to find what it is you love and don’t stop till you do!

Create a life of purpose and passion and live life the conscious way!