There are times in our lives when things don’t always go to plan and upon reflection we feel that we’re not quite where we thought we would be this time in our life and as a result we question the things around us and the way we live our lives. This happened to me a few years ago and I started looking at my life and wondering why I wasn’t where I wanted to be (on so many levels) and I wasn’t quite sure what was missing but, my intuition told me that ‘something was’ and it was then when I seriously started looking into mindfulness and the effects it can bring to daily life.

I already had a great awareness of it and soon realised that it was already embedded into my life from an early age without me even being aware of it. You see, I was lucky enough to have been brought up by a father who just had mindfulness and gratitude embedded within and he shared his thoughts and experiences with us about the way he chose to lead his life and encouraged us to do the same. He encouraged us to have a positive outlook in life, be grateful for what we had, work hard but, play harder and live in the present moment. If I really think about it, mindfulness has always been something that’s been part of my life but, a few years ago I was drawn to it at a much deeper level and since then I started practising this daily and I’ve truly reaped the benefits.

Mindfulness can be described in so many different ways and there’s so much interest and a real buzz around this at the moment as people want to live a much more meaningful and enjoyable lifestyle. Mindfulness for me is about being present and at Aspirational Living something we talk about a lot, it’s about living life the conscious way and living a life of purpose and passion.

As I grow older it seems like the days, weeks and months fly by and we get so caught up thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow or caught up with our thoughts of what we did or didn’t do yesterday. So many of us live in a fast paced, rather stressful world and are often left frazzled at the end of the day due to long list of daily duties that demand our time. There’s our work, business, housework, interruptions, kids and then the endless distractions and due to this we forget to practice mindfulness and stay in the present moment.

This can lead us to feel stressed, anxious and frustrated about the things that we have or haven’t done during the day and because of this is easy to stop noticing what’s really going on with you, your surroundings and other people. As we’re so distracted we can also experience mind chatter too, that internal commentary and judgement that goes hand in hand with the thoughts that we experience and this affects the way we think, behave and feel. But, thinking isn’t the enemy it is essential to life and we all need to be able to think back and reflect on past experiences and events and learn from those experiences.

Our minds are the best invention yet and it has the ability to project backwards and forwards but, it can mean that we can sometimes get stuck in the past and dwell on events of previous experiences. This at times can prevent us from moving forward and this can hinder us in so many ways, it can cause us to feel paralyzed with worry, fear, anxiety and this can affect the way we deal with things in the future. By practising mindfulness it can encourage us to have a more helpful relationship with this thinking and it enable us to recognise our thoughts and live in the present moment.

I know because I’d done it for many years before, I know how easy it is to waste time and not feel like you know which direction you’re going in but, since I started practising mindfulness and incorporating my coaching techniques and strategies into my daily life, things have truly changed for the better and I’m much happier and so are those around me too!

Mindfulness enables you to experience and appreciate your life instead of rushing through it and constantly wanting and to be somewhere else. Last year I qualified as a Performance and Wellness coach and now I share my experiences and teach others how to become more mindful too. I launched ‘The Shift!’ last month which is a Meditation and Mindfulness group and so many ladies are already benefitting from these sessions, we’ve received great feedback and we’re offering this again in September and I can’t wait – I love it!

Our next course will be, ‘The Conscious Way!’ and it’ll help you make positive shifts in your life too so if you would like to find out more or book your please email us at

Lastly, just remember that ‘Mindfulness’ is not another set of instructions it’s simply a shift in your own routines, habits, work and relationships – Try it, you might even like it!