With many of us working at home and juggling home schooling, cooking, housework and so much more it can all get a little too much at times. It’s lovely to be able to spend this time with loved ones however, it’s important to have some time for you too. 

After two weeks of quality time and home working, I’m personally ready to embark upon a new challenge in my spare time as I’m eager to learn new skills and update my knowledge too.  Does anyone else feel like this?  If so, then click the links below to find out about which courses you can access for FREE and let’s use this opportunity to update our skills.

Below are a few of local providers who are offering fully funded courses but there are many more so if you don’t find anything that tickles your fancy here then search local college courses, fully funded and lots more will appear in your browser.

Middlesbrough College:


Stockton Riverside College:


Learning Curve:



REGISTER NOW – What are you waiting for?!

Stay safe and well,

Kelly x