Do you ever look back at your life and wonder how everyday stayed the same (or so you thought) but, now everything looks so different?!

There are times when we reflect on life and we look at those around us and realise that everything has changed.  Those who you were once close to aren’t there anymore or you’ve somehow grown apart as your interests and the way you live your lives have changed slightly and you don’t have the same things in common with them anymore.  This seems to happen without us even noticing it and one day we look up and look back at the friendships and relationships we’ve had, the jobs and hobbies we’ve had, the people we’ve sadly lost over the years and realise that somehow for some reason everything has changed.

Sometimes this happens for the right reasons and you feel better for the new friendship circles you’ve created and your life seems much better now you’ve left that relationship that wasn’t any good for you anyway.  Sometimes you feel better now you’ve left that job and moved into a more fulfilling role or you’ve actually left that job to spend more time at home with the children.  Or sometimes it can improve because you just decided to take charge of your life and adopt a healthier more positive outlook. Whatever it is there are times when things change for the better as it impacts your life in a positive way!

However, there are times when you’ve been so busy making a living or dedicating time to something else and through reflection you’ve realised this and ‘looked up’ for the first time in a long while and you notice that everything has changed.  Those friendships that you cherished are still there but, only by chance and not through your efforts.  The hobbies and interests you loved are no longer in your life because other things have taken a priority but, with life’s ups and downs it provides us with constant food for thought and reminders that life is short and precious and needs to be lived!

Real friends, true friends understand that at times life takes over especially when you’re working and have children to care for and that leaves little time to do the things you love but, if this applies to you then you’ll know and you’ll make the effort to reach out to those people again.  We all get busy making a living, raising children or living life but, if you’ve just ‘looked up’ and you still do cherish the friendships you have but, you know yourself that you could do more to reach out to these people then do just that – reach out to them and if they’re a true friend they’ll understand and reach out back!

Living life in the 21st century can be hard as we have so many demands placed upon us and we’re trying to keep all balls in the air at the same time and we have so many distractions.  The main distractions are of the technological type and they exist in abundance.  We live in a  world full of distraction and I know because having started this business I truly recognise that the emails, the alerts and everything else keeps on going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whilst other parts of the world sleep, others are wide awake engaged in technology and social media.

I see that technology also has it’s benefits and adds so much to our lives and it’s personally provided me with a platform for my business but, let’s not be mistaken and misled and ensure that we keep a healthy perspective and balance on this.  Technology doesn’t replace friendships, relationships and life so don’t live your life through a screen, truly exist and enjoy in the special moments that can be shared with loved ones.

This Christmas our children have started engaging in PS games and we’re determined to limit their activity on this as many of their friends engage in these activities and I’d like the boys to experience this kind of play but, not replace all other types of play completely.  I want them to still learn to communicate and engage in conversation as I’d like them to have a childhood like I did.  To learn to play games, make fun out of nothing and connect with one another.  In fact yesterday even in the wind and drizzle we all went outside and played a game of football and the kids (and grown ups) loved it, we laughed, engaged and connected and that’s what’s important.

I find that the weeks and months are passing by so quickly and there are times when ‘Look Up’ and wonder how we’re into January 2016 already when I remember celebrating the Millennium so well. This was now 16 years ago – how did that happen? I’ve now worked out it’s been 18 years since I left college, where did that time go too?  So now at the age of 36 I’ve started looking forward to what it is I still want to achieve and the experiences I still want to experience with loved ones.  I’ve had to do this because in the blink of an eye in another 18 years I’ll be 54 years of age and that’s a really scary thought.  I’ll be in a completely different period of my life and I don’t want to look back then with regrets of how I spent my time and with whom.  So now I’m focussing on ‘looking up’ and making every day count and I want to live in the present yet, set goals for the future and work hard to make them happen so if life has taught me anything it’s to ‘Look Up!’ Don’t let life pass you by and make sure you reach out to those you love and engage in as many positive and creative experiences as possible, after all life is about enjoying the ride too!

Happy New Year Everyone!