For as long as I can remember I’ve been ambitious, driven and focused on being the best I can.  My parents brought my sister and I up to be independent women who can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds on and they encouraged us to be fearless and uncompromising in our mission to be successful in life.

When they encouraged us to cultivate an attitude of success, they too promoted resilience as a key core skill that needed to be adopted throughout life.  Over the years I have adopted this trait and made it my own but, I took it to a whole other level.  I worked hard and strived to be successful in my own mind for so long that I lost sight of where I was going and what I was doing.  I battled health issues for many years and my mind and body were challenged, stretched and put under pressure to perform beyond the realms of normality.  This led to burn out and even then I kept going, but one thing that helped me throughout all of this was gratitude.

Practising gratitude was something I was always encouraged to adopt from a young age and my father practised gratitude daily.  He worked hard but, never worked a moment of over time, he valued his family life too much.  He loved his job and always wanted to be the best he could without putting himself under too much pressure, he earned a decent wage too but, adopted the ‘thirds rule’ which was to use a third of his salary on household bills and mortgage, a third for spends and holidays and a third to save.  That way he never lived beyond his means and always had enough for a rainy day.  I’ve learnt so many life long lessons from my father, he’s been my biggest teacher in life.  He worked hard, played hard, relaxed and took time out to walk and participate in hobbies he enjoyed.  He travelled the world and was a family man who brought his children up to believe they can do anything – yet he always managed to maintain a healthy, balanced perspective.

Practising gratitude was always deeply embedded within my soul but, the ability to take a more balanced approach in life was something that I struggled with for a long time.  I’ve always been an ‘all or nothing’ girl and I’ve strived to be successful in every aspect of my corporate career not because I’ve wanted to stand out for any reasons but, I struggled to let go of the high standards I set myself.  I’ve studied, I’ve worked hard and even though I’ve enjoyed every minute of it I’ve struggled to keep a healthy work/life balance.

My health suffered for a long while and it left me feeling overworked and overwhelmed with life’s daily demands.  This was a feeling I was all too familiar with and I couldn’t find a way to find balance in my life as there was just not enough hours in the day.   Upon reflection I realised that I’d lost perspective along the way of what was important in my life and sacrifices were made as a result of this.  I always had this burning desire to keep up these high standards and the perfectionist tendencies that I’d adopted would not let me compromise on the standards I had to uphold.

Then 3 years ago I started a Coaching course and trained as a Performance and Life Coach so I could then help others who were struggling in life or work.  I then started practising meditation and mindfulness and this enabled me to gain perspective, balance and encouraged me to cultivate an attitude of loving kindness and compassion to both others but, as importantly myself.  I began to view life in a very different way and I started practising self-awareness and changed daily habits to incorporate my new beliefs and as a result my creativity juices started to flow.

I began writing again, I’ve always loved writing and I started a blog and wrote article to help inspire others and to share my story with the world too.  I lost all fear of what others thought of me and I began living a heart centred life, I followed my heart, instead of my head and decided to leave a job I’d worked in for over 16 years and work on my business.  Over time I developed new services,  products and programmes that would benefit others and after our first year in business, I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have all benefited from the programmes and sessions we offer.

During this time I reflected a lot and realised that I was so busy ‘making a living’ that I missed out on so many things.  Time with the children, time with friends and because I was working so hard I felt like I was stealing fragments of time and I didn’t have the opportunity to spend quality time with the friends I cherished or in fact my immediate family too.

Now, I’m in a completely different space, I feel happier than ever and I feel creative, inspired and passionate about creating and living a life I love. My friends and family have been supportive throughout this journey and have seen the toll the life I was living had taking on my body and mind yet, they’ve been there for me through thick and thin. Since I set up AL I have made a conscious decision to start spending more time with those I love and with those that love me, for me.  I plan on developing a business that can help others and give back to the local community in different ways and I’m going to create more time to spend with my family, doing fun things and most of all enjoy living a life I love.

You see, my life isn’t perfect despite what others think and see from social media and I’ll never profess it is but, that’s okay because I’m not striving for perfectionism anymore it’s way too difficult to maintain. I’m not even striving anymore I’m just ‘living’ and being happy in the life I’ve got, I appreciate the simple things in life and I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends too.  We’re not sure what life has in store for us but, I’m pretty sure it’s something exciting and whatever life brings for us we’ll approach it in a balanced and healthy way.

Nowadays, I live a life that fulfills me and I enjoy living much more consciously and in the present moment.  If you can relate to any of this topic or any of our others topics and think you would benefit from our services then please head over to website and visit our shop page, we have local groups, classes, 1-1 sessions and on line support too so you can access it wherever you are in the world.

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