There are times in our lives when things don’t always go to plan or we’re not quite where we thought we would be this time in our life and as a result of it we question the things around us.  When we starting questioning things we start reviewing the way we’re living our life and can sometimes start comparing ourselves to others and asking questions like;

  • Why am I here at this point in my life?  I thought I’d be in a much different place and space than I am now?
  • Why is it that others seem to be much better off than me?
  • They seem much happier, more financially better off than me and so it goes on….

But, thinking like this can have a really negative affect on us and it can affect our thoughts, actions and behaviours.  I know because I used to think this way, I used to feel ‘stuck’ because I wasn’t sure where my life was headed and I felt like I had no/little direction and felt like I’d lost my way somehow.

A few years ago, I started looking back at my life and what I’d accomplished and achieved so far and I realised that the year I left school (1995) was now 21 years ago and that scared me!  I worked out that in another 21 years I’d be 58 years of age and this sudden realisation gave me the biggest wakeup call ever!

I knew that there was so much more I wanted to do and achieve in my life and I knew that if I didn’t start making some of it happen now I’d look back in 21 years (when I was 58) and regret the things I’d done so I started a journey of self-discovery and I wasn’t prepared for the things that would be unearthed let alone the positive changes it would bring either!

I started trying new things, new experiences, studied new qualifications and made a pact with myself that I’d keep on learning and studying and I’m doing just that!  Through coaching, mindfulness and meditation I changed my perspective and started viewing life through a different lens and it changed my life forever!

Then the way we started living our lives changed (just a little at first) but, for the better, we started making conscious decisions and incorporated mindfulness into everything we did.  You see, I’m lucky to have been brought up my a father who just had mindfulness and gratitude embedded within and he shared his thoughts and experiences with us about the way he chose to led his life and encouraged us to do the same.  If I really think about it, mindfulness has been something that’s always been a part of my life but, a few years ago I was drawn to it at a deeper level and I’ve reaped the benefits of it since.

Mindfulness can be described in so many different ways but, to me it meant being conscious about the decisions I was making, living in the present moment, stopping trying to do it all (multi-tasking) and I discovered the power of compartmentalising and all of this helped me to make these changes.  I started to recognise that I was a little stuck in my ways and that I was surrounding myself with the wrong type of people – how did I ever think I could lead a positive, inspiring life when I was surrounding myself with the drains?!

I started to question everything and it was then I started exploring self-acceptance and self-love and I started understanding what it meant to me.  I reflected on my past and I drew a line in the sand and moved on from my past experiences and the events in my life that had held me back previously and it was at this moment I had an awakening! This point in time was a ‘life changer,’ I was able to look at myself with acceptance and love and I truly felt like I had an awakening, I opened my eyes fully and started looking at everything with a new perspective.

I started appreciating everything around me, including those who supported and inspired me and I pursued my passion which was coaching and this led to Aspirational Living and the launch of so many new products and services that would benefit a whole range of others too!  You see, that’s what it was all about from that point forward – I wanted others to experience ‘their awakening’ too and truly start taking control of the life they lived.

I wanted them to know they had the opportunity to make changes in their life and we started helping others to move from where they were now to where they wanted to be and that gave me so much fulfillment and satisfaction so we began to grow and expand AL to help more people.  This in itself has been so satisfying and I feel truly blessed to be doing this with the full support of my family.  It’s been a juggle at times but, we’ve managed it and now we’re recruited some support to help us too.  My family have been amazing and because of this journey that all started a few years ago for me we’re all reaping the benefits!

So take control, design your life and invest in you!  You deserve it, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to live a life you love!  You only get one life make sure it’s amazing and one to be remembered!