Some simple advice on how to avoid falling into the comparison trap during the summer holidays.

The summer holidays can be such a wonderful time of the year with our children, as we get to hang out with them and create new memories. We have ideas of how our summers will be filled with trips out and holidays abroad. For some they might be, but for many they may not.

In the run up to the holidays, I hear so many parents chatting about all the theme parks they’ve booked and how many weekends away they’ve planned, to help keep their children entertained this holiday. As mums we so often we try to do it all. We try to plan umpteen activities over the holidays so our kids have memories that last a lifetime. The pressure we put upon ourselves to do so can really mount up. Everyone’s sharing what they’re up to on social media and we can often find ourselves falling into the comparison trap ?

I’ve been thinking about comparisons this week, and at times I can feel myself falling into this trap too. However, I’m reminded that motherhood isn’t something you should compare, just as one’s life journey isn’t to be compared either. We all have our own paths to follow, our own decisions and choices to make, and how we spend our summer with our children and family is entirely up to us.

Some will have their days and weeks mapped out over the summer whilst others will leave their schedules unplanned. This is a choice – your choice. Whatever you decide to do as a parent this summer, make intentional choices about how you want to spend your time. Whether you’ve filled your schedule or not, remember that the best things in life are free and it’s those magic moments with loved ones that count. Try not to put pressure on yourself to come up with some amazing things to do – you dont have to. Going for a walk or exploring the local area with your family can be just as good. Children will value your time, whatever you’re doing. I know because I’ve learnt this first-hand. I’ve seen their little faces and eyes light up as play football in the back garden or walk to the village together – those were the moments that formed happy memories.

So take the pressure off this summer and embrace the adventures you have with your family, regardless of whether you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime holiday or playing in the back garden. Children want your time and nothing else, and that’s something all of us can give. So bask in those precious moments and focus on the quality time you have together. ?

Have a wonderful summer whatever you’re up to and remember to be kind to yourselves as parents. We do take a lot on and we have a lot to juggle, so just remember, you’re doing the best you can. Enjoy creating wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Kelly x