What does a ‘life well lived’ look like? Well, that’s open to interpretation isn’t it?! We already know that happiness can mean different things to different people and that’s the true beauty of a life well lived. Everyone has a slightly different perspective and view on what makes them happy and we each choose to live our lives in our own way but, when we’re at the end of our life there’s one thing that really makes us stop as we ask ourselves, ‘Did I live fully and wholly?  Have I lived a life well lived?

It’s at that time that we sure hope we did because at that point in our lives it’s too late to go back and do anything else. But, when we do ask ourselves that question, how do we even begin to measure a life well lived?

Is it by our achievements, our success, our materialistic belongings or perhaps our wealth and fortune? It’s completely subjective and it can be measured in so many ways but, for most none of these things seem to matter when it really comes down to it they just want to know they’ve lived fulfilled, contented lives and they’ve indulged in the things that make them happiest.

When we think about what makes us truly happy in life, research shows that it’s the things that mean the most to us that make us happy and this includes; raising a family, spending time with loved ones, pursuing a career or growing a business that you’re passionate about, visiting new places, travelling and feeling content, fulfilled and having a true sense of self-worth and that’s just to name a few!

But, so many people don’t know what it is that they want to do with their life so at times they can feel lost or stuck in a moment. Many get taken ‘off path’ because they get distracted easily and this takes them off purpose, there can be others who feel like they’re just passing time and have no or little direction in their life.  They could be in a job they hate or with a partner they dislike and it might seem easier for them to stay than take the leap of faith and make that change.  But, change is good, change clears out the old and makes way for the new and it allows us to experience new things for the first time and that’s what keeps us feeling alive.

There are some who know all of this too well because they’ve maybe experienced hardship, illness or loss already in their life and this made them stop, think and look at things with a different perspective because they know all too well that life can be short. They know that life is a gift, a precious gift that needs to be lived and treasured, they are the ones who were given a second chance to start living the life they truly want and these are the people who have worked out for themselves what’s important to them and they’ll know when they reach the end of their life that they will have done everything they wanted to because they’ve designed a life they love!

Then there’s those who naturally have a sense of adventure, a real zest for life and these are the ones who just know instinctively that life is for living. It’s for experiencing new things, new adventures and new paths – I call them the lucky ones because they’ve always known this and they too will live a life they love and spend time with loved ones enjoying all of life’s little moments.

You see, in the UK our life expectancy has increased from 75 years to 81 years old which is good news for us as now we have even more years to make count. So accordingly to this, I’m less than half way through my life and there’s still so much more I want to do, so remembering that our lives are made up our daily opportunities to start living the life we want to continues to inspire me.

Now I make sure that I seize the moment as often as possible, I have wishes, dreams and goals and I work hard to make them come true but, more than anything enjoy the journey too, that’s what drives me to ‘live a life well loved!’

So, in Steve Job’s words, ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish!’

Please click on the link to Steve Job’s speech for more inspiration, it inspires me everyday! Wise words from a wise man.

That’s my wish for you all, may you have enough (in every sense of the word) and may you stay hungry for the life you wish for but, stay foolish enough to be willing to make the changes you know you need to. Be courageous and enjoy the journey!

Here are my top 5 things to consider when you’re wanting to design a life well lived;

  1. Take care of you – Your health and well-being is a vital part of this and looking after your body and mind is so important too, as there is a strong connection and link between the two. By making conscious decisions and choices and ensuring your eating the right foods, exercising and getting enough sleep is a great start to ensuring that your body is prepared for optimum health.
  2. Live mindfully – By adopting mindfulness practices you are raising your levels of self-awareness and you are more accepting of yourself and others. By doing this you develop your emotional resilience and again start making conscious decisions and this allows you to be more engaged and open to new opportunities and experiences. It’s been proven that mindfulness can lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and it has a whole range of other benefits too. Meditation can also help with this and has all kinds of additional benefits.
  3. Healthy relationships – By choosing to surround yourself with positive people who support you creates so many long term benefits. It increases self-worth, it improves levels of happiness and by creating deeper levels of connections it can help you thrive in life and have a real impact on your health and psychological well-being.
  4. Be open to change – We’ve already discussed the benefits of change and by being open to change we are allowing ourselves to experience new things. This helps develop new skills, knowledge and experience and opens up our minds to new possibilities; change is good for us all.
  5. Live courageously – Start asking yourself what is it you really (really) want to do in your life? If you knew that during your last breath you’d regret never doing this thing then take stock of where you are now and make a plan to make this wish come true. Start taking action and be brave and courageous enough to take the leap of faith.