Since we moved house last year we’ve been renovating our new family home and we’re still in the midst of it. Things have been all over the place for some time and we were without a kitchen for 3 months but, we survived and we made it through using our camping stove which was strategically placed on the ironing board and a microwave which was kept in the spare room (and still is, for now). Over this time we had layers and layers of dust all over the place as we’d knocked two rooms into one but, it was worth to get the extra space. I think when you start things like this you think it’s going to be a really smooth process and you forget how much upheaval it really is but, I’m finally able to say that our kitchen is all complete apart from a few finishing touches.

I have to say, it was worth the wait – It’s been a long journey but, it’s done and dusted and I’m so pleased, it’s a great family space for us and we love entertaining and having our guests over. But, like any house that it’s a bit of a project we’ve now finished the kitchen and moved onto the next job which is Tom’s room.

In May 2015 we bought a relatively old house that required a lot of improvement so every room needs stripping right back, they all need skimming, new radiators, new flooring and so the list goes on. So this week we’ve started Tom’s room and it’s been plastered and had its first coat of paint (as you can see) and it’s going to look great and he’ll finally have the big boy room he’s wanted.

Tom has asked for a desk too as he loves writing in his note pads and organising all of his things in his draws, he’s so funny! He’s asked for some football pictures too, he’s asked for photos of all of his favourite footballers and we’ve got some lovely football bedding from NEXT which he loves, so altogether it should look lovely. I’ve had some outside help too, a friend of mine is training to be an interior designer and together we decided on the colour scheme and theme for the room and it’s worked really well . I’m really excited to see it all finished and give him the bedroom he deserves! As you can see from the image, we’re getting there.

Whilst this has been getting done, the boys have been living in a squat-like bedroom (I daren’t even show you the photos), they got both their mattresses on the floor next to one another and things are everywhere; toys, games, books – you name it. But, what’s great about it is that the boys aren’t bothered in the slightest bit, they’re so not, they just take it all in their stride and they’ll be happy when their rooms are done but, they’re quite liking the den they’ve got in the room above the garage.

It’s so cute as they sleep right next to each other and when James can’t sleep Tom soothes him by holding his hand. There have been so many times when Richard and I have gone to bed and we’ve popped our heads in to check on them and they’ve fallen asleep holding hands (so cute!).

So this week has been a busy one with work, coaching, house renovations and just the general stuff but, we’ve made it to Friday and still got a smile on our face despite the mountains of dust we’ve cleaned up!

Aspirational Living (AL) is going from strength to strength too and I’ve got some new clients and 2 more corporate clients too, I’m truly loving working with those engaged with AL too and two of my clients have had their own successes this week too which is what it’s all about.