Today we had our friends visit us and come over for breakfast and it was so lovely to see them because it’d been a while since we saw them last.  These friends emigrated to New Zealand some years ago and only visit every couple of years so when they do it’s a really special time catching up with them.  Even though we hadn’t seen them for 2 years it just felt like we saw them yesterday.  These are good friends of ours and my friend (Nicky) was from the UK and Mehdi and is from France and they met on their way travelling around the world! They actually met in Australia and travelled together and then came back to the UK saved up and emigrated to NZ together.  They’ve lived there now for 4 years and absolutely love it – they say it’s the simple life and they’ve gone onto to have a beautiful little boy Noah aged 2.

Camera Photos Jan 16 107

He’s so adorable and a really confident little character, he’s a lucky boy because he’s got two parents who are so free spirited that it’s great to see how they’re raising such a loveable little boy.  Nicky and Mehdi have always had a rest ‘zest for life,’ they’re always laughing, having fun and live life to the maximum.  They’ve travelled all around the world, both together and individually and even though they now have a family of their own there’s still that ‘free spirit’ in them both which is just inspiring to see!

Spending the morning with them both and Mehdi’s friend Syril was amazing! They told us about their lives and we did the same and the boys all played together it was fabulous to see the next generation playing! Even though they live on the other side of the world it truly doesn’t feel like that.  We have 5 of us in our friendship circle; Nicky (who lives in NZ), Kelly (Dubai), Carolyne (Colorado although soon to be Germany), Julie (London) and me (Norton, England – it doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?!  But, we’ve been friends with one another for years and Kelly and I go way back, I’ve known her for 25 years and we’ve been great friends for 20 of those years.

Camera Photos Jan 16 114 Seeing really great friends has such a ‘feel good factor’ doesn’t it?! It makes me feel blessed that these people are still in my life in some shape or form even though we’re all over the world.  Friends like this know you so well, they support you (even from afar) in whatever it is you’re doing, they’re there for you via text, fb messenger, skype or in person and they always know the right things to say.  They just ‘get you’ as a person and add so much value to your life.

I can honestly say all of us have gone through so much together and we’ve all come out of it the other side, all of us being blessed by having lovely partners and having beautiful, healthy  children too! I feel so lucky to have these friends (amongst many others) in my life and know that whatever happens in life these friends will always be there for me and vice versa.

Friendships are those mutual bonds between two or more people and they can bring joy, happiness, laughter, good times and bad and they’re there to support you when you need it!  If you’re lucky enough to have friends like mine, then make sure you tell them too how special they are to you!