Well, it’s finally arrived the day we’ve all been waiting for, for so many weeks – house move day!  In the last few weeks we’ve been packing up our belongings into large boxes and bubble wrapping vases, ornaments and glasses and getting everything ready for us to move into the new house.

The process has been a long windy road but, finally I can say we’re moving at last! It all started in the last weekend of February when on a whim I booked a house viewing at a house that was only about a mile away from where we currently live. The house had been on the market for about 2 months and was in need of some renovation work.  The ironic thing was we weren’t even looking to move (not yet anyway) but, reviewing houses on Rightmove has been a hobby of mine for many years and I’m not quite sure why this house was so special but it was and I just had to book a viewing!

So on Friday 21st February Richard and I went to view the house of our dreams and the moment we stepped inside we both loved it.  As we walked from room to room, the lady owner showed us around and then let us explore at our own pace. When we stepped outside into the garden we immediately fell in love with the house even more and we both knew we just had to have it.  

The very next day we put an offer in with our estate agent but, unfortunately the rules have changed and they wouldn’t accept this offer as we had our house to sell so they just put a note of interest on the property. After this things started moving really quickly, I asked the estate agent to come and take photographs of ours but they couldn’t visit us for a few days and I just knew we had to secure a buyer as quickly as possible to make sure we didn’t miss out. Then during that morning I had a brainwave and decided I’d take photographs myself and  advertise the house using social media, I used Facebook and their selling sites too and in addition to this I text all of my friends staying, ‘Surprise, we’re moving and I’m advertising our house on facebook, would you please share it?!’ Over 80 friends shared my page and it reached over 20,000 people and within 24 hours we had 5 viewings and 3 offers. It was phenomenal and completely unexpected!

So they next day I informed the estate agent of our weekend’s successful activities and they  put our offer to Ann to which she accepted which was amazing! We’d secured the house of dreams.  Unfortunately though that was just the beginning of it and since then we’ve had mortgages to secure, shale tests, surveys, drains to be unblocked, chimney breasts to be secured, right of way insurances to be completed and the list goes on.  Honestly, what I don’t know about moving houses now i t isn’t probably worth knowing. The process has been so long – there’s been so many letters to and from solicitors, calls to my buyer and seller, exchanges of emails but, the best part of it all is that I have a great buyer and a great seller so we’ve liaised with one another on most things and it’s all been done in such a nice manner and that makes a huge difference.

The house we’re moving to needs a lot of work but, we’re going to take our time and design and renovate it to ensure it’s exactly how we want it to be. It’s our forever home and I can’t wait to start creating memories in our new family home!

As the house move experience was relatively new to me, I wanted to share my tips with you for moving house. These tips helped me to ensure our move was as stress free as possible;

  • Try and pack all the things you don’t use everyday as early as possible to share the workload and ensure you’re not leaving everything till last minute
  • Use it as an opportunity to have a clear out and either donate things to friends or local charities – Don’t take anything with you you don’t need – it’s your time to start afresh!
  • If you don’t have access to boxes or bubble wrap, buy a Move In pack from ebay, they’re relatively cheap but provide everything you need
  • Find a place to store all your boxes, a spare room or your garage are the usual likely places
  • If you have a spare room that you’re not using then use it as an opportunity to sort out your loft and bring down the things you can and store it in there just to prevent you having to do it on the day. If you can’t store the loft items anywhere just ensure you’ve cleared out the loft from anything you don’t want to take and leave it all stored in removable boxes , a garage even the loft if you have to to prevent weeks of walking around boxes.
  • Make sure you label up boxes clearly so you know which room each box is to go in
  • On move in day try and put everything in the right room as you take in into the house and if you can store things away as you take it in to prevent that job later in the day
  • Enlist the help of family members or friends to help with everything, there’s a lot to be done on the day so any help is appreciated. Our friends offered to make tea for us so we didn’t have to think about that and some even offered to look after the boys which was a god send
  • Utilise your friends and family to help with child care the days after you move in as there will still be a lot to do and it gets pretty boring for children
  • Make sure you have plenty of cleaning fluids, cloths and lots of help as you might need them to help clean your new property. We ended up having to clean walls, doors, skirting, radiators etc
  • Finally, enjoy the first night in your new home, don’t worry about unpacking every box or working until everything is in it’s rightful place. It’ll be there tomorrow and the next day for you to sort out but, celebrate being in your new house with your family and maybe order a take out and have a glass to fizz to celebrate!

Have you moved house recently? What was your experience of buying and selling? Do you have any hints and tips in relation to this? Please share, we’d love to hear from you;